What about heat problems, do you experience any? I’m a Linux user since and Unix user since It reacts to movement and taps, there is a scroll wheel area on the right side of it, and a two finger tab becomes a middle click. The quality of the casing feels good and overall it works portable solid and sturdy. The same harddisk works without external power on my Mac mini. Since Compiz is about to be superseded by Compiz Fusion anyway, usable versions of Compiz Fusion should appear in Debian at some point in the future.

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Sign in with Twitter. I’m a Linux user since and Unix user since An install of Debian Testing lenny with a Linux 2. I ended up gettinng a Zepto Znote W with a few customisations.

As my old Asus M2N laptop got older and older, and for some reason slower and slower, I decided to buy a new one.

A three-finger tap becomes a right click but it is very hard to reproduce reliably. There is one remaining problem: Suspend — uswsusp works — s2disk without any problems, and s2ram with the —force flag. Afterwards the znnote commands will be run each time the sdhci driver is loaded, and memory cards are detected and mounted automatically.

New Drivers  MPC 7095 DRIVER

Zepto Znote W – Hardware Components and Drivers – InsanelyMac Forum

Already have an account? There were several reason for this choice: The keyboard has some special keys, of which most work out of the box.

Zepto states that the laptop is fully Ubunto 7. Your are now here: You need to be a zepgo in order to leave a comment. In this file I found, among many other things, these lines:.

Posted February 21, A few other pluses are that the laptop supports Firewire and Bluetooth, where the latter can easily transfer music zelto pictures from the phone wirelessly. I have noticed that when I switch from X Windows to a text console, the correct graphics mode for the text console is not always restored correctly. What version of Leo? Special keys for Zepto Znote W!

No sound fixed in kernel 2. Living with Linux Experiences and notes on Living with Linux every day. Most of these seem to have a solution on the way. Register a new account. It can be remedied by writing a few well chosen bytes to some PCI registers on the Firewire controller.

Zepto Znote 3215W Ubuntu

Or sign in with one of zrpto services. The pm-hibernate script works out of the box from the command line as root. X server sometimes fails to restore textmode correctly Touchpad not recognised but it still usable ACPI works only partially Minor issues with sound and headphones and these require an extra effort to get fully functional: Nothing special there, but you have to remember it.


Apparently the chip set is blacklisted due to some incompatibility between Xv and Compiz.

Download driver for laptop, Zepto ZNOTE 3215W

The physical design is easy to grasp, and one danger certainly not lost on the shortcut buttons or other niceties. Living with Linux Experiences and notes on Living with Linux every day. I just don’t want to spend money for a better laptop and Leo doesn’t work again like on my stupid Fujitsu Siemens.

Often, when I have suspended by Zepto Znote W, I get a little message at resume that suspend failed, which is weird as the laptop has just been suspended and successfully resumed.

These commands will do the trick:.

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