The Shottkey diode and the green LED send DC pulses twice as often as just one rectifier and the 10 uf electrolytic capacitor smooths it all out. This greatly reduces the number of parts necessary so I plan to make another 3 outlet power failure box using a V15H battery. This also keeps the op amp from oscillating on and off! Above I connected a power supply voltage lower red alligator clip to see how much voltage was required to turn it off. Locate the voltage regulator on a PC board near an outside edge so that a heat sink can be easily added.

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To set the battery Cutoff ked, connect the yellow wire to the input voltage and connect the red and green wires to the positive battery. I was able to find a schematic for the circuit, but the 4 legged YX chip is somewhat elusive: I will sell some of them if people are interested for.

A low power timer could turn the entire chip circuit on with a tilt or proximity switch too. A 5 volt C5V Zener diode regulates voltage: A trickle charge for this battery would be 0.

The battery will pull the output voltage down when it is connected to the cathode of the output diode.


I think ma is considered a very low trickle charge for the string of nimh cells I charge The LED may last thousands y8x05 hours, but the solder joints to the prongs don’t! Brass fasteners can be soldered and can be found in office supply stores. The yx850 should deliver the same current, but limit the voltage supplied to the battery to 14 volts.


Learn more – opens in a new window or tab. The regulation scheme proposed in the Lab is more complex but a simpler version can be made by adding just a couple of resistors and an NPN transistor to figure 4 which demonstrates the concept.

YX801 IC – what does it do

Figure 3 Alternate way to connect the LED. Use a power supply or the solar yxx805 input voltage greater than 16 volts in full sun with a load on the regulator output where the battery will be.

I also made some into AAA holders. A timer could be added to drive Pin 1 high or low to turn the LED’s off xy805 on respectively.


There are 24 items available. I will have to check the turn off voltage for the Solar panel leg that can also be le as a switch by keeping it high during the day. From left to right, the positive power comes from the second battery ys805 Pin 2 of the chip through the red wire.

Any international shipping and import charges are paid in part to Pitney Bowes Inc. You can file this blog entry under exploring interesting bits of electronics hidden in everyday household items much like these two previous entries on using coin cell batteries and flickering LED candles.


Shipping cost cannot be calculated. Then we have to realize that electricity is all around us naturally.

DC-DC converters for Solar powered LED Lights.

Minimum monthly payments are required. The CE input includes a small pull-up current.

Mercury switches may be an option too. Is that a white LED in there? A CDS photocell also keeps the circuit off during the day when its resistance value is low.

Add to watch list. The voltage regulator may need a heat sink if it gets too hot to touch and could melt a breadboard! I tried it in my latest yx led failure prototype and it works like a charm and is very sensitive to changes yx085 light: A low power timer could turn the entire chip circuit on with a tilt or proximity switch too.

Figure 7 Adding negative feedback regulates the output voltage. A good deal I think. I mean could you run say a power inverter with it or many of them in configuration? Five F one battery Gx805 ldd chips:

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