Summary – Microarchitecture Exploration Window: The event-based stack sampling data collection cannot be configured for the entire system. The minimal value of the sampling interval for the user-mode sampling and tracing collection depends on the system: Bandwidth – Platform Power Analysis Window: Summary – Memory Usage Window:

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Correlate data you obtained during the performance and parallelism analysis. I mentioned above the analysis types that use TBS. VTune Amplifier uses one of the following techniques:.

However, if several logical cores share a resource such as an L2 cachethere would be one set of events shared by them. Bottom-up – Memory Usage Window: I noticed that when using EBS, VTune does not disable dynamic frequency scaling, which is a good thing.

Analyzing Application Performance with Hardware Event-based Stack Sampling

Select the Hardware Events viewpoint and click the Event Count tab. As soon as you created a VTune Amplifier project and specified your analysis target, follow these steps to enable the collection and analyze the data: For other hardware event-based sampling analysis types, select the Collect stacks samp,ing.

Since each logical core has its own set of programmable counters, each core can be interrupted to sample the thread it is running. Unlike the traditional event-based sampling, the profiler upon each sampling interrupt also collects: You may need kernel header sources and other additional software to build and load the kernel drivers on Linux. Cannot Open Data Error Message: Bandwidth – Platform Power Analysis Window: This may lead to a smaller overhead compared to TBS even for a smaller sampling interval.


Sorry, your blog cannot sampljng posts by email. You may change the default sampling interval as follows: VTune allows you to choose a sampling interval between 1 and milliseconds. Select sticky button color: That being said, VTune supports source level instrumentation.

For predefined analysis types, the sampling interval configuration is available for all Algorithm analysis types and some of the Microarchitecture analysis types. Summary – Memory Usage Window: For more information, refer to this paper.

Analyzing Application Performance with Hardware Event-based Stack Sampling

See Also knob sampling-interval amplxe-cl option. The figure below explains the general idea of per-thread quantum monitoring: Typically, the size of the collected result is affected with such factors as duration, thread and core counts, selected analysis type, additional collection knobs, and application behavior. It uses Pin to handle instrumentation and manage the execution of the target process. Caution Analysis types that use the hardware event-based sampling collector are limited to only one collection allowed at a time on a system.


Sampling Interval

Unless data is being collected by the VTune Amplifier, there will be no latency impact on system performance. But if something happened for very little time, then very few samples will exist for it.

For hardware event-based sampling typesspecify a number between 0. While a thread is active on a processor inside a quantumthe profiler employs event-based sampling to reconstruct the program logic and associate hardware events and other characteristics with the program code.

Submit feedback on this help topic. This enables it to isolate the state of the programmable counters for a specific process vfune. The time during which a thread remains inactive is also measured directly and differentiated based on the thread inactivation reason: When the VTune Amplifier collects an event, it attributes not only that event but the entire sampling interval prior to it often 10, to 2, events to the current code context.

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