SL 1 driver 4: Posted Sat 16 May 09 8: After having some problems detecting my RMX which I solved by using another usb port , everything looks good in my device manager: Also, make sure that you have the latest DJIO drivers installed from http: I can’t really say about Windows, but we are currently testing the next update package for the DJ Console series.

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How to remix songs with Virtual DJ? SL 1 driver 4: Woow, that actually helped. Does the soundcard have a control panel and if so are you able to check whether it is configured correctly? What is the driver version you are using for the soundcard? Numark Virtual Vinyl Originally I had this setup and I initially ran the program with no problem, but then after I shutdown the laptop and returned an hour later, I had the following popup box appear when I tried to “Auto-Config” the Timecoded CD’s: Support staff Member since VirtualDJ works perfectly for the vast majority of users.

Somebody help as I have a gig tonight in Kenya and it is driving me barmy!!!! Ask a question now. Are you sure to choose it as the best answer?


Top of the page. Is maybe the USB3. I just tested it with my other Windows 7 computer and it errot without any problems. What are the settings you have selected in the Timecode Setup? Sounnd when can we expect this update?

With all the appropriate information that influences a sound card’s capabilities we might be able to help better. You can also check whether the device is working properly in Device Manager.

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DJ Console RMX: Error in the ASIO sound driver

Hercules DJ Forum Team. External Mixer Sound Card: What do you think of Virtual DJ? Vorrei avere un aiutino una piccola guida su come jn funzionare virtual dj pro con i cdj Grazie Ivano Yoda DJ: Let me please give you some information and hopefully someone can figure this out cause i’m stumped Then go to sound setup and click on the one that says ASIO card and change it to 6.

Looks like the ASIO driver might not have been initialized correctly. And it doesn’t let me change the audio mode to ASIO in the control panel anymore: Thanks for your reply, but unfortunately that doesn’t help.


What are your settings? TTM 57SL driver what the hell is the difference? IF you do get error messages, check everything again from the beginning. Which controller do you have, which OS do you have.

Did you know that your browser is out of date?

You should test if your low cost USB hub works better on DJ Console Rmx when you replace its virtal supply with the power supply of the better hub, your problem may be due to a not very aound power adapter. I even tried to deactivate the device in the Windows sound options, hoping that would prevent it from using WDM Forums like these can sometimes give the false impression that ‘everyone’ has problems.

Ivano63 Home user Member since Scusate, provo a collegare il mio cdj ma mi compare questo scritta: Seriously, I’m out of ideas.

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