I got the USC adapter for my parallel device because the user guide said it is for both serial and parallel – can I really use it with both? Displaying 1 to 10 of 14 reviews. My computer won’t go to “sleep mode” while the UC is connected – what should I do? Try to add more users on the local system. Asked how to install it.

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Check whether he has the latest v1.

Tried to specify the path for the driver, but windows could not find a driver. This chipset is unique in design and has been tested and improved extensively over several years to offer compatibility with the majority of devices on the market.

USB to RS-232 Adapter (35cm)

I can’t find the driver for the UC Extracted the file, there should be a coninst. I could not install the converter. The system should automatically detect the adapter when you plug it in, just specify the driver location convertrr CD-ROM or floppy drive.

Suggested that he download the v1.

USB to RS Adapter (35cm) – UCA, ATEN USB Converters

When I install the driver, a component goes in to the com port area, but no component goes into the USB area, The device does not work. No, it does not. You can daisy chain up to 5 repeaters segial should run up to 80 feet. Only installed on one PC, couldn’t find driver for second computer to install. Could not install on his Win2k system while it installed fine on Win User with Compaq Presario computer tried it on a Toshiba computer and it got the same problem.

New Drivers  10EC 5209 DRIVER DOWNLOAD

My Epson won’t print. Click here for a deeper technical explanation of these problems. Yes, this one is better. Make sure the files are unzipped and specify the folder where you put ub files.

USB to Serial Adapter – Professional

Could not print to the parallel port, everything else works fine. I have spoken to Myra in your Vegas office with no usc usb serial converter guidance.

Ran uninstall from CD, but file not found. Said no driver for Win2K on CD. Then reinstall the UCG first before the printer driver. Does not work with my Dell and HP 5P. Check the IP addresses and ping each other, got request timeout. I use it to set up and What driver do I need to resolve this problem? Useful optional accessories not included.

Could not see each other, but they can all see themselves in network neighborhood. But if it does not show up on convertef device manager list, it might be a problem with the system. The power adapter is not necessary, but we have to verify whether it is the unit itself that is not functioning.


QVS Technical Support – FAQs

Conveeter under device manager. Works great, no problems, very happy with my purchase and planning to buy more. Has a laptop belongs to a domain and a desktop belongs to home workgroup, asked whether USB-link can handle this situation.

Yes, this unit supports bi-directional communication.

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