Hi GH, Do you see the device in the device manager to exclude driver problems? June 08, , The device is working properly. In short there are 3 different types of analog-digital-converter and I want to interface these ADC and send data to PC. After another reboot, Windows again fails to recognise the device, asking for the drivers We are currently beta-testing two new libraries: Hi gelenkeharald, Strange behavior

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You have two possibilities: As for me simulation is right way because you will use this testbench many times while your project growing. The device is working properly. But in software there are still problems: Our experience has shown that the GetData function is only able to retrieve bytes minimum in one call and to hold internally maximum of bytes from an internal buffer used inside the TEDLL.

Your module have MHz main clock source. Skip to main content. Hi Alex, I found it here http: Horsa on June 04, Think that you should debug your project software and hardware part in complex to solve this problem. Can you try to check this pins during work to be sure that you send all packets to right endpoint. The data sheet gives 20 mA as the absolute max, so this gives an input range of about -2V to 5. I’m using pktend signal after bytes of my packages to transfer.


NET version running on the host: The HP LaserJet d can expand to fit some business hp dtn. 04b4&&pid 04, However you may be interested in this freely available piece of software that doesn’t require a licence: Hi GH, The project with arbitrary packets is a part of large automotive data acqusition system.

The printer weighs 36 pounds, about average for a small workgroup printer. I need driver for windows 7 for device cy7capvxc.

About situations 1 and 2 you describe – I don’t know what cause such situation if you use Chipscope only for monitoring, without control signals. Hi, How can I check pins, if they are not routed to an external pin? Ales Gorkic on June 06, Think that this project will be more suited for your purposes. Is there a chance for HobbyComponents logic analyser to produce such analog traces instead of the digital ones, via a firmware change for example? Tag is CyHidButton selNode.


Enter 8163 email address to reset your password. If unable to do so, it returns false. I also know more ways to increase transfer speed but it’s require FX2 firmware modifications.


Comments made by this poster gid not necessarily reflect the views of Hobby Components Ltd. The ohm resistors would appear to limit the input current when the input goes above 3.

But I always receive Error: I am interested in all this because I want to look at some RS circuits – but think now that the analyser will affect the circuit too much to be useful. You can not post a blank message.

June 10, Hi Alex, I wanted to tell you, that I made some progress. Horsa on June 05, FX2 firmware you using have 2 buffers by bytes for each EP.

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