I have a D3 and have tried all kinds of shafts. Forgiveness of the face helps miss hits, but does nothing to help square the club face, which I think is made more difficult by a deep CG. When you really break it down there is no compelling reason for decent ball strikers to need a cc head. So this is what I did. Wedge games are finely tuned but the putting stinks. Back in my highschool days I ran with a D and that thing was sweet.

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It goes a long way but truthfully, I end up in more trouble then the distance is worth. My eye prefers the smaller head look, but I’m not sure if my accuracy had to do with head size or shaft length both the J and the 2deep are gitleist shafts than the I We were not very impressed with the performance of the Ultralight shaft.

Titleist 975D Drivers

I don’t feel the face or where its posiitoned, I just feel the CG low and way back away from the face. Forgiveness of the face helps miss hits, 795d does nothing to help square the club face, which I think is made more difficult by a deep CG. Things are just different now, I agree with you though.

The best driver I have ever owned, the next closest was a steel shafted E I used in college that I literally used until the face cracked. The Titleist D driver is among the best looking and most accurate drivers available today.


Wanna get rid of this ugly yellow box? Tried my old J with X and it was not as long but I did not 975s the hooks. I would wager that if you were fit properly for titleidt d3 that you could find something that would give you lots of confidence and the extra yardage.

Guys were players, scorers, artists to really embellish the point not bombers and smashers and pounders. Every hole is a green light.

titleist d | eBay

Fairways and greens with good putting. Several functions may not work. Its really easy to think you’ve bombed it with those older drivers, but like many of 9755d have pointed out, those models didn’t exactly produce big drives on a whim.

I do relate with feeling comfortable with it sometimes mostly due to the size of the head Just saying because as soon as you’re comfortable with the d3 I bet you’ll gain more confidence in swinging faster with it and I bet your accuracy will come. Former all-conference college golfer, 28 years old and hardly play anymore.

Titleist D * Driver Stiff | eBay

Targeted toward low to middle handicap players. Just shows you how individualistic this game is. A more rearward COG will ‘act’ on the shaft tip more, especially for higher club head speeds and those with a ‘late’ release. Titanium deep faced head with volume of cc, pear shaped, bore through shaft, subtle gray finish, DCI logo as alignment aid, traditional as in wooden woods from the past, size is deceiving.


Titleist D2 9. Truly a great driver. We always make fun of him for ever joining this century in golf equipment he also plays DCI irons abd has an Odyssey dual force putter but then he points to where his ball is compared to ours. I’m likely better off using something that I’m comfortable with and playing it as she lies.

It’s more accurate and longer than my Anser My favorite memory of my e was watching a proV fully compressed pop back into shape about 40 yards out and take off like a rocket.

When I hold it, I get a very keen sense of where the face is pointing, of where the toe is.

And remove other annoying “stuff” in between posts? More information on Titleist and their titleit product lineup can be found on their website at www. This is why pros were using 6.

It’s ok and I hit it pretty far but I hate the feel and I hook it more than any other club. These kids are on tktleist modern side of a tech boom in golf and I’m on the good ‘ol days side.

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