If you have this card, speak up! If yes I think thats can be the reason to the frame drops. If you have no sound have a look at the Issues and Problems section. This is a good place to note your experiences – ease of install, what you like, what’s not to like, etc. I captured a two hour long tvshow last night with no frames dropped. TV wherever and whenever you want? How to Support digitalFAQ.

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Show basket Hide basket. Originally T by kwag Quote: To do this automatically you should add the command to the general section of the mythbackend setup User Manual: If you have no sound have a look at the Issues and Problems section.

If I capture with “Drop frames when captured frames are too close together” and “Insert null frames when captured frames are too far apart” UNCHEKED,the trrratec frame rate goes down and after a half hour the frame rate is fps,and the picture in the preview window hangs and have a very “jerky” motion. And the results are the same all over,0 to 2 dropped frames for 2 hours capture,and that is acceptable.


I got also both – gots a tuner device, ok but the DC Series are superb in their digitizing capabilities. So this morning I installed Win Pro.

Dropped Frames As you can see by the log,the first big frame drop comes after 52 minutes of capturing,while the second one comes after 1 hour and 52 minutes. In your case you could uncheck the resampling as you did and finally in avisnth you t simply apply Originally Posted by kwag.

Now try live TV an enjoy!

TERRATEC Cinergy TV mobile MKII Specs – CNET

Capturing with V Dub hasnt been tested yet. An modified cut-out from http: At yerratec 50 mins,VVCR dropped 14 frames at once. This page has been locked and archived on September 27, Preview window acceleration was off. That often helps as maybe your Cinergy Card gets in conflict with other shared things on the PCI bus. Please migrate any such information to the proper location.

TerraTec Cinergy 400 TV mobile MKII – VideoHelp Capture Card

Dropped Frames Send a private message to Boulder. Single-tuner PCI card with no hardware encoder. In in a console after startup of terrafec, then start mythfrontendwatch live TV and check if you have got sound. So if you got 50 dropped frames within the capturing process, you need to fix that in avisynth using AssumeSamplerate.



You can configure your card using YaST but you have to modify parameters in the advanced configuration. Send a private message to the viking. Retrieved from ” http: Use the Cinergy TV mobile as your personal video recorder: Originally Posted by Boulder However, cinergyy card samples at a high resolution and then resizes to a lower one.

If I continue to capture ,the frame rate goes further down.

I installed the latest drivers for my Nvidia Geforce graphics card. Furthermore, this mobile TV solution is equipped with S-Video, composite and stereo-audio inputs, so that without any other equipment you terratef record movies from DVD players, video recorders, video cameras and satellite receivers onto your laptop. I used PICVideo 3 for this cap.

Find all posts by Prodater So thats why even if No frames are dropped, a stream at for example I always captured x

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