As a rule, if I am lucky enough to have a drive that is still imageable, I image before I do anything else. I really appreciate it. Stop using any tools and try to image the drive if you can as , effectively, the drive can fail at anytime. This hard drive is a perfect candidate to be used as a donor part for hard drive repair and data recovery purposes. This tells me that this make and model fail after years of usage.

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Would it be harmful to have the drive running e.

The data needed was only a folder containing pictures that were not backed up sinse the last backup, the folder was sst94019a then mb See all 2 refurbished listings. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

C’est exactement ce st994019a je souhaitais. Worse, it may further damage your drive. I canceled the procedure after it took several minutes to repair just one of the sectors.

ST94019A, 3KW, AMK, PN 9Y1422-035, FW 5.11, Seagate 40GB IDE 2.5 Hard Drive

That FAQ is pretty good. July 18th,3: It’s fast and you can set it not to try to re-read bad sectors if you are racing against time. When st94019w break, data is not easily recovered.


Yes but if the drive dies might be game over for weeker because he will not send the drive for a DR pro and pay USD.

If not, tools like restorer pro will be able to retrive files st94109a do a single read on bad sectors.

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Right, but if it does die during an image from a gentle process by a data recovery tool, those of us who can fix it, will have a much easier time doing so. Then plug the IDE cable from your sec.

STA, 3KW, AMK, PN 9Y, FW , Seagate 40GB IDE Hard Drive

Testdisk is not designed for working with failing disks. Although this drive is sensitive to shock, it can be damaged. I really appreciate it. Portugal You don’t want to image the drive. My main issue is that I don’t know how much I’m racing against time.


Then copy the files you need, one by one. You don’t want to image the drive. If st94019aa does die, I can fix it and complete my image. Seagate makes very good products. I know that I don’t need every file but I don’t know how the drive would behave on a second PC and if I were able to “just copy” things.

I respectfully disagree with Spildit. Not even Seatools could fix the bad drive. Running Seatools long mode: As the last backup is from February, I wouldn’t need to get so much data back.

Perhaps someone here has a clue what’s up: Page 1 of 2.

Flat fee of only sixty dollars. But, don’t rely on my words for this advice Quote: Sure, i would advice Prosoft Media Tools also but it’s a very expensive tool if the files needed are few And if the files that he wants end up outside the image it’s game over.

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