This is recommended if you want to enjoy the full audio delights of the Walkman player — through our Sennheiser reference headphones, music playback sounded very pleasing indeed. Currently the phone costs a bit too much. Sony Ericsson’s now-standard option to upload images straight to a Blogger account is offered too, though there’s no facility for shooting even basic quality video footage on this camera. Operating the Walkman player is an easy ride too. But this budget mobile has few of the headline features of its higher end Walkman stablemate — and an obviously lower build quality. The Sony Ericsson W is a smartphone that belongs to the Walkman series.

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Sony Ericsson Wi – Wikipedia

Sony Ericsson’s now-standard option to upload images straight to a Blogger account is offered too, though there’s no facility for shooting even basic quality video footage on this camera. Eericsson screen is a What ericzson the common? P P P P P1. And although it doesn’t use the latest, more conventional key arrangement of newer Sony Ericsson ericwson — most of which now have standard call and end keys — the Wi utilises a Sony Ericsson control button configuration we’ve seen many times before, based around the a navigation D-pad, with adjacent softkeys, back button and clear key.

The flip does the old answering and ending calls routine well. USB and Bluetooth are both present at version 2. Messaging has barely changed, the keys are not an ideal partner for longer typing, but the situation is not that grim, one just has to get used to it.

Naturally, music takes centre stage, with the Walkman player interface even engaged as the default screen when the flip is shut. While it’s perfectly adequate for viewing menus and options, it’s not particuarly detailed for reicsson at images, video clips or web pages.


There is a 1 megapixel camera on the back of the phone.

Sony Ericsson W350i

Operating the Walkman player is an easy ride too. You get a very impressive audio performance, with great balance and a good depth of sonic detail. It’s essentially a camera for quick snaps, picture messages, and so on, but don’t expect good quality prints.

The Wa is The additional features list is, in fact, all standard issue Sony Ericsson rather than more eyebrow-raising stuff; an FM radio is built in, there’s a video player and a web browser, plus you get erifsson the usual extensive organiser gear.

Tracks can be loaded up on to the phone from a PC using supplied Sony Ericsson Media Manager software and USB cable, or by dragging and dropping files with the phone in mass storage mode. When looking inside the almost cube-shaped box, we get to see a stereo headset unfortunately not the earplug type and a USB cable besides the phone.

There is MegaBass, it displays album covers, supports playlists and it can sort tracks by ID3 tags.

It may be a low cost handset, but alongside its core music player credentials Sony Ericsson has given the Wi some fashion savvy appeal, with a lightweight, ultra slim body, a retro-ish flip and some smart-looking music controls on the front. The power performance of the Wi was acceptable too.

Sony Ericsson W350i – flip-flap

Its menu system and user interface will be familiar to Walkman phone owners. There are no surprises at the phonebook.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. There’s no 3G connectivity for fast multimedia downloading, nor any other headline-grabbing features. The protagonist of our review has arrived in black, but there are white and blue editions too, and moreover the black one is available with violet or orange secondary color.

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Sony Ericsson Wi | TechRadar

The phone can record videos at w350l pixels, test pictures udb displayed right here: The USB cable is included, there is Bluetooth and although the memory card is only MB large, this is enough for an entry-level model. Sony Mobile mobile phones. There is no kind of electronics in the front cover, so when tapping the front of the flip, we are activating some parts of the covered keypad through the soft plastic.

The onboard camera, for example, is a basic 1.

There are many of us like song, and because of this Wi had some advantage, because of sentimental reasons. On the front on the external part of the flip we can find the music control keys. Another Walkman standard, the Music Mate guitar and piano chord guide app, is pre-loaded too, plus three games are included.

The Son Walkman phone is Sony Ericsson’s latest effort to attract the eye and ear of music mobile buyers on a credit-crunched budget.

After opening the phone the keypad fills out all available space, and although the keys might seem large enough, there are quite small in practice.

Adding higher quality headphones is an easy option, thanks to the two-piece headset supplied, which has a standard 3.

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