I havent had any issues at all with this burner. No problems at all with any of them. Sony support is shamefully poor and amateur. The software used to attempt the burn doesn’t matter. Best writer on the market IMO. Comments posted by George from Other, April 20,

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Comments posted by John from Other, May 16, It reports a failure to write DVD on this drive. Paid at bestbuy online. Comments posted by FatProgger from Other, June 10, Comments posted by Pmaizitis from Other, April 13, It seems to depend on what drive and software was previously used with the disc.

Comments posted by Ian from Other, April 15, These programs are mainly for home video editing and I would eony using other software, easily found on net, for backup purposes since there are already guides for them. Best writer on the market IMO. Rated this writer 7 of Steer clear of this unit The burner tech support blames the Vaio laptop people and vice versa.


Comments posted by Donato Fraccalvieri from Other, December 30, I had to use a Windows system to upgrade the firmware to the current release.

Sony DRXULX USB driver Driver – TechSpot

Every last disc I burned was a coaster. Rated this writer 8 of Rated this writer No rating. Link connection some standalone desktop dvd recorder supports this also but then it is usually to dony your DV camera to the recorder Rating The first rating is based on a weighted rank the true Bayesianit requires at least 5 votes to get a weighted rating.

Comments posted by filou from Other, July 28, We review products independentlybut we may earn affiliate commissions from buying links on this page. The company believes that these delays are caused by a firmware bug, which it ddrx to have resolved by the time you read this.

When first purchased, it only burned at 2X, but two firmware updates have boosted it to 2. After rocking the industry with the first dual-standard rewriter last September, the company has already followed up with a second-generation model, the Sony DRXULX, capable of recording 4X write-once media. Comments posted by craig from Other, December 11, ddx The software used to attempt the burn doesn’t matter.


Sony DRX-500ULX DVD Writer

After this speed it will not increase anymore. The drive itself is great! Hopefully, they will fix that in a future update.

The drive does work well with Dantz’s Retrospect Sny backup software for the Mac. The second rating between the is a normal average rating.

Sony DRX-500ULX USB driver

Rated this writer 1 of Also, if you are going to use this with Nero, update to Nero 5. Going to try some DVD-R soon.

Will be returning it today. This is the drive of the drivers. Overall I have been extremely impressed with this drive.

It is my first DVD writer and it is an impulse buy I do not regret.

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