Image Sensor Valid Pixels: Sony’s menu system is straightforward and easy to understand. According to Sony, it’s active when the exposure control system determines that light needs to be reduced more than what increases in shutter speed and reductions in ISO can manage. It’s a fairly limited number but most people who purchase this camera will rarely move out of iAuto. Press the Playback button and you can review your stills and videos in several ways. My orange tabby, for example, is not brown. Advanced Search for Digital Cameras.

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Sweep Panorama is a great feature, too, but again you need the proper light.

Lowest Price P15, 1 Prices. Darker skin tones show a shift toward orange, while lighter skin tones are a little undersaturated and yellow.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W350

In fact the shot taken of the building with around half to two thirds of zoom used is much better. I found that there was a noticeable softening towards the edges of the shots. In order to use this website and its services, users must consent to and abide by the Terms of Use. I can attest to this in the real world since the colors of my orange tabby cat were off even in daylight.


I was like, is it for real that it’s yen? In fact it’s one of the smallest of the hundreds I’ve handled over the years. Find information and receive instant notifications about your product.

Sony Cybershot DSC W Review

Detail is good at ISO 80 andmaintaining good definition at and though noise suppression is noticeable here. Advanced Search for Digital Cameras. The Soby Generally soft and somewhat noisy photos at full size.

Support by Sony mobile app: I like the photo taken with flash. Focusing is sharp and the colours used for skin tones are accurate. A spare would be a good thing if you plan to be shooting all day, as we found out. By using the four-way controller you scroll through them, then highlight the setting you want to adjust, moving your selections to the right. At telephoto there was almost no CA and some flare and no significant softening.

Sony DSC-W Review

A green light appears on the power button when you engage it. There is not a lot to report about the colours in my test shots.

It’s a lot like its predecessor, but for the most part, that’s okay. The battery does not charge. But the wait between shots is sort of long: These issues are a lot less prevalent when you use mid zoom.

Here the camera scientifically “guesses” the subject in front of it and sny to the appropriate scene modes.


As with any camera you should still try to hold it as steady as possible when pressing cyberwhot shutter. Flash recycle time is 6.

Sony DSC-W350

When you hit the Menu key, icons appear on the left side of the screen. Never miss an update again! The body is excellent condition. Extremely compact 4x zoom mm equivalent lens is wide with decent telephoto reach Optical image stabilization Low geometric distortion at wide and tele Very simple control layout Solid 2.

Could be too small for some; definitely do a hands-on before you buy Optional proprietary cable required to connect to HDTV Slightly below average battery life; definitely consider a spare battery Orange color tends to brown, yellow to green Auto white balance too warm in incandescent lighting Weak flash common in subcompacts Slow flash recycling 6.

On the right edge is a basic mode slider switch.

The Sony W has 9-point autofocus and the Sony W had little trouble picking out the nearest subjects most often, a good strategy.

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