I got the TTL-I-1 model and it fits these rigs This thing is so easy to set up its “stupid easy”. He is a very long suffering fellow. RigExpert AA AA is a powerful antenna analyzer designed for testing, checking, tuning or repairing antennas and antenna-feeder paths in 0. I prefer this sort of interface as just about every PC has an inbuilt soundcard these days.

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I have a Kenwood TSs and was using the Kenwood IFc interface through the one serial port on my laptop to control the radio. There was one small hitch that related more to my lack of understanding of computer drivers, along with the rather incomplete instructions that came with my hardware, but Yuri responded to my email within a few hours and set me in the right direction. Its just so stupid easy Serial ports on laptops are also rigespert rarer.

Rig Expert Tiny interface – radioworld

RigExpert Tiny is a simple Soundcard-to-Radio interface. Email Subscription You are not subscribed to this review.

Five LEDs on the top panel display the device status, helping set up the computer software and monitor functions during on-air operation. For simplicity, it contains no switches or other adjustment elements. Add the item to your basket in the normal way and at checkout choose to make payment via Finance. Easy-to use measurement modes, as well as additional features such as memory storage and connection to a personal computer, make the AAPRO attractive for professionals and hobbyists.


Discontinued products

I use this for portable work now. The FSK baudrate and polarity are fixed and may be reconfigured by jumpers.

MixW will then just key via the CW jack and your will automatically switch to transmit. As I say, I could not be happier both with the product and with the support received from Yuri. RTTY was great — had it working in a few minutes. Reviews Rigex;ert for RigExpert Tiny.

Easy-to use measurement modes, as well as additional features such as memory storage and connection to a personal computer, make it attractive for professionals and hobbyists. Ritexpert RigExpert Tiny is being sold as a kit. I would definitley recommend this unit if your looking to save some money from the Standard Unit, I am considering upgrading to the full unit to simplify the Sound Card settings, but for the price it is a great unit.

A built-in Rigexpery capability makes graphical measurements especially effective. The hard part is setting up the programs and that just takes time. No additional interface circuit needed for transceiver connection. If you have tiiny a little computer competency and are willing to manually fiddle with the settings what doesn’t require that rigxpert days?

Add to wishlist Add to basket Out Of Stock. The Tiny is priced about one half of the Standard unit, and requires the computers Sound Card to operate. RigExpert TI-5 is an electronic device designed to operate phone, CW, and digital modes using personal computer and transceiver. From that point on it was smooth sailing and the RigExpert Tiny works very well.


I run a 4 plug port expander in one and because the onboard keybord does not work, a external dell keyboard in the other with 2 usb ports on it. That makes it a bit harder to use with Vista.

Interface models

A block diagram of the RigExpert Tiny is shown to the left. Clock OK to continue. It is necessary to unplug the device during the uninstallation procedure. Once done the rest was fairly straight forward. I am only using the CI-V portion of the new to me Tiny interface.

The LEDs light-emitting diodes on the top cover let you know what is going on at any time, helping to set up the giny and to make sure everything is working properly. New to Ham Radio?

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