MAX can not find any device. Wrong serial port is being used. You are now ready to communicate with the controller. Currently, the T light is lit up, meaning it is talking as opposed to r,l,or s. So far, I installed the cirtual com port vcp drivers for the device, and it now recognizes the prologix controller as com4. I have Windows 7.

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Send a valid instrument command terminated by Line Feed.

Please see application note in the Resources section. However, if it is not convenient to do so, you may use a GPIB cable. Open Setup Terminal dialog. Message 3 of Check instrument front panel menu, or back side DIP switch.

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I’m not exactly sure how to get the actual device to work. Cheap hardware sometimes has a software price. One of the problems of this controller is: Other instruments on the GPIB bus may be interfering. Open File Properties dialog. Programs that expect a different interface such as NI Message 2 of THis model is kind prolofix old, but I think it should still work. Message 8 of Well, it appears I misunderstood the manual I read yesterday.


GPIB – USB(Serial) (Prologix) ACE talks o | Keysight Community

Refer to the programming manual of your instrument for commands accepted by your instrument. I think I need the computer the ptologix it as a gpio hub instead of a com port, but I’m not sure how to do that.

Alright, now I’m a little farther. The device is working if you detect it as a com port. You may also need a GPIB cable.

GPIB-USB turns any computer with a USB port into a GPIB controller || Prologix, LLC

Currently, the T light is lit up, meaning it is talking as opposed to r,l,or s. Do you know anyone who has done this and described their steps online?

See Manual for command details. Select Connect using Serial Portand click Setup.

This controller can operate in listener, talker, or controller mode. See User Manual for complete details and samples. In effect the instrument is saying, you have asked me to talk but I have seerial to say. Start plot from instrument front panel.


Type a valid instrument command in the command window and click the Send button. Here are quick start steps for using application: If I could get it a visa address, that would be great. Plottergeist — another full-featured commercial application.

34970 GPIB – USB(Serial) (Prologix) ACE talks ok but Datalogger 3 does not

Most Active Hardware Boards: Please see User Guide for more details. How do I download and print screen plots from instruments? Message 7 of

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