I hate this firmware lol. Results 1 to 30 of Does a good job. But nothing that 1 or 2 could pull off. Once this has completed successfully, power cycle the drive again.

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Liteon iHAS*24 B Rebadges And Crossflashing Info

These forums and those at CDFreaks. The OEM burning software could not see that there was a drive installed.

I thought I lost the drive, flash back with the oem 17, and everything went back to normal. So time is of the essence i think. A number of -w have done it already.

The drives that rip this one disc the best are also, generally, the more powerful and consistent I find – though more testing with different cvd of scratched discs would yield more accurate results. It is also not good forum ethics to post in really old threads. I have also put them into Sony, LG, Liteon etc drives. The flash appeared to write without a problem, but the drive could not be used.

If they had been tape, magnetic discs, etc. It would be nice to have the bitsetting to work, cos disk are easier to read for many device. If it is not the already posted YD12 then lpds share it with us – someone will most likely need it at some point.

New Drivers  UMAX PC210 DRIVER

DHA6S Crossflashing – LiteOn / PLDS / Sony Writer – Club Myce – Knowledge is Power

Lets see how the BTC performs. I followed all of the steps, was about tot flash it and then realized that it had labelflash… So now I really have no idea who makes it.

Any Video Converter F I did some research and brought an Asus dvd-rom But it didnt pull any data that the Asus or Samsung could not get to already. They never released an iHAS drive though …. So Dh-16abw thought I would crossflash, but all I could do is save the firmware to disk.

But nothing that 1 or 2 could pull off. Buying a re-badged drive should also guarantees you a Mediatek chipset based drive A or B series. The drive is doing a test burn now, and everything appears to be working. A pretty good dvd burner for the price.

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Results 1 to 30 of But if you have parents that are not “tech-savvy” you will understand the fight that you have on your hands just to get them from calling you at 4am to ask which way to hold the mouse. As such this unit should not have the necessary indexing hardware required for Lightscribe support.


Windows Explorer could not see that there was a disk in the drive. No definitive “best” exists, just better than most and a model change can turn what was good into only average or even worse; -or- vise versa.

The last four replies are so retarded that it’s not worth my time ddv out the flawed logic in all of them. Serious panic has crept in.

Aud can’t find CD rom on Dell , Win 7 HP | Adobe Community

And its generally Ritek that are the worst at this. The biggest problem is dh-16ags this is dye, so they do degrade after awhile. Let alone creating PAR2 recoveries. Just let us know if it work thanks.

I used the utility to check the eeprom checksum, no problem existed. I wander how a “recovery” company would do with my pile dvdd errors

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