The bezel has similar recesses to accommodate the original drive. Today, when this drive was just starting to burn its fourth CD only 3 weeks after purchase , this error was reported: Depends on where you are. Run drive utility and confirm BD drive is recognized. I had just burned a couple DVDs with the K06 and they appear to be fine. I use these same discs in my other burners without any issues. I immediately saw some wear debris, plastic shavings, from the long plastic part on the right of the drive that contains many of the cams that operate the disk loading and ejection arms.

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Of course we don’t rely on such old disks, but have decided that we don’t have to re-record them every year as we did back then. Mac user doesn’t need to install. I was going to replace with another K06 but now I will not.

Seems dvd-rww though that Pioneer drive needs to go back to the drawing board and Apple should not use in their computers. Press and hold down the Option key. It’s a prerecorded CD in pristine condition, so that’s not causing the problem. I have one in a 24″ Intel iMac.

They do that, right?


The K06 shipped in some macs but most that wrote on failures here mention their drive was an upgrade. He continues on saying that their drives are not meant to go into a Mac.


Guess what, the one I bought as a replacement failed yesterday while trying to burn a DVD. Click once on the Apple menu item.

Although it may be there are more than one source for the laser and any build could have a laser from either of the sources. There are currently 1 users browsing this thread. I remarked that it does dvrk06a no good because I am using it on a Mac. It was purchased for portability not performance. Pioneer actually does not support any use of their drives into a Mac and that is why some dvr-k6a may not work. My previous G3 iBook’s combo drive never had a problem, with over cd’s ripped, and over a hundred burnt.

Mine are all 10x. It has also been used occasionally with several other Macs, from our old DA G4 to a friend’s new 24″ iMac, running several versions of Tiger and Leopard. Pioneer will not take responsibility for drive failures due to improper firmware updates or acts of nature that cause a power failure during the update process. This file cannot be used. He suggested to try this drive on a Windows machine, something that I don’t have access to, to determine if the problem was the drive or an incompatibility with the Powerbook.


Last updated May 29th, ” I can say for certain that pkoneer failure has come immediately after writing or erasing a CD-RW disc. I sent it off 3 months ago to Pioneer for warranty replacement and still don’t have a resolution.

Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-K06 | Mac Forums

They told me to contact Newegg for a replacement of the second unit especially if it is recent. I need to replace my Superdrive which became noisy, then gave up the ghost sometime ago.

It seems this is a common issue. I think the installer allows that option.

PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-K06 problem | MacRumors Forums

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I live in Rotterdam. Also, I can’t let the drive go to sleep, else it stops responding until i reboot Dvd-tw have since mixed up what drives they use. They can be more thorough about the testing. Now though, Apple says it wasn’t spec’d with the K06 and they can’t put it in and I have to keep the

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