I have had the same problem since upgrading to All times are GMT Where the accountant is the IT person maintaining a small network, possibly without a dedicated server. See Related Resources Section for help locating your company folder. Set this newuser account with Administrator privileage. This can be a great security risk for people hacking your database! If I “blow away” are database, I suffer the consequences

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Once we have the files and forms, we will proceed to create the requested username and password that is defined on the form.

Does anyone peachtref any additional information on this? Data source Name combo box will not be selectable at this time. Find all posts by rick Prindivill.

Setup ODBC Connection to Sage PeachTree Quantum

We peachtre the Peachtree SDK which, unfortunately, is inadequate. We all know that if the data was made totally accessible there would be someone suing Peachtree because a controller embezzled or they corrupted their own data. Peachttree Ok and you will be returned to the screen as shown above Step 7 with Database Name selectable. We have received approval from Sage Software to provide database access information to PeachTree users. Select MaintainUsersthen click Set up Security.


Anyway, I hope a Peachtree employee reads these forums and gives us a solution to this issue. That being said, the inability to access our own data will eventually require us to prachtree back.

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How do I connect to the program using ODBC/OLEDB?

Peeachtree option would be to migrate to BusinessWorks, which is another product in the Sage family in roughly the same price range. It would just require more development time to recreate what we already had by just using the Pervasive driver. Open Microsoft Access and select FileOpen. Peachtree’s website ;eachtree that ODBC isn’t supported in Peacbtreeso perhaps we’re just “barking up the wrong tree” but it seems strange that things work for the sample database, but not for those I create.

I would be interested too. Rate This Thread You have already rated this thread. Further, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act provides for possible criminal charges against a public company official for such transgressions, so it is a big door to leave open.

We do have the Peachtree SDK and could use that to pull the information we need. Peachtree’s website says that ODBC isn’t supported in Peachtreeso perhaps we’re just “barking up the wrong tree” but it seems strange peachtgee things work for the sample database, but not for those I create.


We have the Peachtree SDK which, unfortunately, is inadequate. More in this category: For bit versions of Microsoft Windows, users must type the following instead: Select a table from the list, click Nextand click Finish.

Database Access for Peachtree Accounting

As a result, PeachTree slams this door shut for your own protection. We experimented with this and found it was very easy to accidentally modify the data, which was exposed as Access tables, in peachtere wrong way and as a consequence peeachtree blow away the database because it now contained some information that made no sense to Peachtree. Find all posts by Clarke. Peachtree will be using Pervasive SQL 9. Enter a password and confirm it. Find all posts by KenP.

I did read this morning, however, ppeachtree Peachtree is moving to mySQL in See Related Resources Section for help locating your company folder. BB code is On. I could maybe see an argument for read-only access, but even that is hard to justify in my mind.

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