While not quite up to the performance of the LS, it will likely be more than adequate for the needs of most photo enthusiasts, and even some professionals. Best Selling in Scanners See all. Provia seems to benefit from adding a very small touch of yellow and red. The grouping of various controls is, fortunately, just good enough to help you find what you’re looking for, though I’d bet that most users probably grope around in the UI awhile before developing a workflow in it. In earlier tests, we used a setting of “8”, but have gone to the higher setting and larger file sizes to provide a better rendition of shadow detail at the cost of longer download times. Overall though, the performance is remarkably good, at a more affordable price than that of the Super Coolscan. Digitization is only 10 bits per channel, vs.

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This was scanned at the maximum dpi from a laboratory-grade target chrome on glass slide before being cropped down, and would normally give an excellent view of the scanner’s ultimate capabilities.

Additional Product Features Media Type. We found Digital ICE to work very well, and even when the level of damage went beyond what it could cope with, the resulting images were much easier to retouch manually. For the real masochists, here’s the full-size WG target, scanned at the maximum resolution of dpi.

Yet, when the occasion demands it, there’s a powerful set of hardware and software capabilities to let you handle images that would simply be impossible with a lesser machine. Those four oddly-shaped appendages that hang off the middle of the left side of window open up sliding panels when you click on them.

Also note that all images here have been JPEG compressed for compatibility with ‘web browsers.


Nikon CoolScan III Scanner

The default scan actually had excellent detail in both the shadows and highlights. The bit color depth of the CoolScan III adds vibrancy and liveliness to all your colored scanned images. Other byThom Sites What’s New: Even with that, it didn’t do as well as the bit LS, which also has a multi-sample scanning option to further reduce shadow noise. This film is extremely fine-grained, with perhaps the highest resolution of any commercially-available 35mm emulsion.

Most users are willing to engage in ili tweaking of coolsscan scanning parameters to get the best result.

Most imaging programs, and virtually all collscan output devices can only handle 8 bits of data in each of the red, green, and blue color channels. This translates to higher scanning productivity, but is a hard factor for us to quantify.

No option for output files with coolscxn than 8 bits per channel in them This is a feature that is probably only of interest to imaging professionals, and as such is quite appropriately absent from a scanner intended to be more of a “prosumer” device: Provia seems to benefit from adding a very small touch of yellow and red.

In general, density is the most significant specification for a coolacan. The pure white swatch on the grayscale at the bottom of the target is very light relative to the rest of the image. How Steep Was The Decline?

Coolscan III (LS) Review | byThom Filmbodies | Thom Hogan

Fortunately, most of the controls are decipherable after a few pokes, especially once you discover that most of the more interesting stuff is hidden in “slide-out panels” that are triggered by clicking on a strange-looking “tab” at the left edge of the control area. Even pull-down menu lists are customized, though at least they’re recognizable as pull-downs.

The technology behind the defect removal is something called Digital ICE, supplied by an Atlanta-based software company called Applied Science Fiction. Let nijon get this out of the way first: Why can’t I find your works in bookstores? See all 3 pre-owned listings. You may also like. Interestingly, the LS again performed slightly different than it’s big brother the LS on this cookscan. This tends to “fool” scanners’ autoexposure settings, producing artificially dark scans, as did the LS About the only difference you’re likely to see in the images from it kii those from the Super CoolScan will be in the “Train” image, where the Super Coolscan does a better job of extracting shadow detail.


Rather than repeat the long list of features and functions here, we’ll just cover the differences from the Nkkon, and refer readers to the LS review itself for full details on how the Nikon software works, and on the extraordinary Digital ICE technology.

Show less Show more. Resolution refers to the smallest feature that can be distinguished on our resolution targets, while detail refers to the extent to which the scanner can pick out small features or textures in the scanned images.

Nikon CoolScan III Scanner | eBay

Nikon’s SCSI implementation uses two pin connectors on the back of the scanner, and supports jikon termination at the scanner. Transfer data from 35mm film negatives and slides easily onto this Nikon film scanner, whether in color or monochrome.

Digitization is only 10 bits per channel, vs. Color management is two steps down into Preferences, as is gamma adjustment.

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