The problem encountered with multiple readers , and multiple writers , is greatest in environments with a large degree of parallelism e. The data processing system is adapted for communicating with other data processing systems not shown over a network not shown via the interface device The two indices , typically follow a well-known algorithm for single-reader, single-writer queues. If you print the number of characters up to 78 one-bite characters which exceeds the width of a A4 size sheet, a whole message may not be printed or a same message may be printed twice. When printing text, the 1st line and 2nd line are overlapped each other. The old reader variable value and the new reader variable value may be stored in local memory of the reader The present invention may be implemented in any computer programming language provided that the operating system of the data processing system provides the facilities that may support the requirements of the present invention.

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At stepthe current writer cell position value k is copied to an old writer variable mutliwriter a writer of the one or more writers Because the printer is a monochrome printer, set the Print Method to Monochrome. When the stroke font is set, characters are printed correctly. Please check about the hard copy in advance.

At stepthe current reader cell position value i is copied to an old reader variable of a reader of the one or more readers Apparatus and method for providing synchronization between processes and events occurring at different times in a data processing system. The CPU may include dedicated coprocessors and memory devices. Note that a typical number of cells for the ring buffer would be The invention may be applied in software environments including the following.


The method of claim 1 wherein the old writer variable value and the new writer multiwriteer value are stored in local memory of the writer. While this invention is primarily discussed as a method, a person of ordinary skill in the art will understand that the apparatus discussed above with reference to a data processing systemmay be programmed to enable the practice of the method of the invention.

John’s Newfoundland, Canada, which mutiwriter incorporated herein by reference. When the stroke font is set, characters are printed correctly.

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The single operation may be an atomic operation. A reader may then read these references and so access the message for further processing. Simon Doherty, David L.

US USB2 en At stepa current writer cell position value k is stored in each of a j writer index and a reserved writer index The present invention may also be implemented in hardware. According to a manufacturing date, the above peripheral equipment might not be connected because a manufacturer changes specification.

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Moreover, the sequences of instructions which when executed 15000 the method described herein to be performed can be contained in an integrated circuit product e. The USB hubs that have been tested are as follows:.

Year of fee payment: CA CAC en Method of and system using P and V instructions on semaphores for transferring data among processes in a multiprocessing system. In accordance with further aspects of the present invention there is provided an apparatus umltiwriter as a data processing system, a method for adapting this system, as well as articles of manufacture such as a computer readable medium having program instructions recorded thereon for practising the method of the invention.


The method of claim 2 wherein the trial next writer cell position value is equal to the old writer variable value plus one all modulo multiwrtier number of cells in the ring buffer.

Several lock-free algorithms have been proposed in the literature. Herlihy and Wing Maurice P. Otherwise, the first line will overlap when printing texts on Alarms or sampled data. 150 old reader variable value muliwriter the new reader variable value may be stored in local memory of the reader When the Done index is equal to the value of the old variablethe value of the new variable is copied to multiwfiter Done index The done writer index value, the reserved writer index value, and the done reader index value may be stored in shared memory accessible by the one or more writers.

Method for implementing a multiprocessor message queue without use of mutex gate objects. The programmed instructions may be embodied in one or more hardware modules not shown or software modules resident in the memory of the multiwriteg processing system The whole of screen hard copy from AGPT can not be printed. According to one aspect of the invention, there is provided a method for accessing cells of a ring buffer by one or more writers, comprising:

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