The “S-Bar” is worth mentioning in view of software. Of course, permanent idling, and consequently the maximum battery life, isn’t realistic for practical use. Multitouch, such as for browser zooming, is not available. The modest pioneer of netbook CPUs, the Intel Atom, is now available as a dual core with integrated graphics chip, and the E installed here now wants to challenge it. Despite the 12 inch model’s good performance, our objective lab assessment “only” showed average rates for system noise. But, they will also have to pay almost twice as much in this case.

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With a result of points, the u2700 HP Pavilion is only placed higher by a hair’s breadth with 9 points – despite the slightly weaker APU, E There’s only one year on the battery and adapter.

The netbook boots fairly quickly, wakes up fast from standby mode and even larger websites aren’t a problem.

Pretty scanty for today’s standards. Despite the 12 inch model’s good performance, our objective lab assessment “only” showed average rates for system noise.

Speakers Good sound was never a trait that a netbook could boast with.

Support For U | Laptops – The best gaming laptop provider | MSI Global

All vital notebook functions can be operated via FN combinations. This is to prevent users from replacing the RAM and hard disk on their own. Also, there is no UMTS solution and would also have to be enabled via a stick.


After all, the small and light netbooks – as the name already indicates – were conceived for surfing and simple office applications. The plastic case’s manufacturing also looks solid and can keep up with the quality of the tried and viddo seashell case of Asus Eee PCs. The touchpad unfortunately doesn’t support multitouch.

The temperature climbs to a maximum of The U’s performance makes a good impression in the practical test: It quickly inverts or fades vertically, though.

It’s probable that more body heat is passed on to the device than vice versa during use.

Review MSI Wind UEW7H Netbook – Reviews

It however represents the minimum battery life. There is also a microphone located directly beside it. Not so with the new Wind: The hard disk also only reaches 33 degrees.

The “S-Bar” is worth mentioning in view of software. But, they will also have vieeo pay almost twice as much in this case. It’s created by the bulky battery in the base unit.

HD video playback in energy saving mode. Quality journalism is vide possible by advertising. The battery can be easily taken out of the bottom – but accessing the hard disk and memory module isn’t possible without a screwdriver.


Warranty MSI grants a two year warranty as of purchase date for the netbook.

Review MSI Wind U270-E4523W7H Netbook

Thus, there’s no other possibility but to retrofit this via a USB port should Bluetooth be required. The touchpad enables vifeo and vertical scrolling when its edges are touched for about one second. Thus, not only a bit of room between the heat-developing case bottom is created, but typing will be more u720 for the one or other user, as well. A quick test with Skype delivered a satisfactory audio and video quality and makes it possible to use Skype pleasantly even without a headset. The 49 Wh battery supplies approx.

Thus, nothing stands in the way of HD entertainment with a corresponding p monitor or TV. The cover on the bottom can be easily removed with two screws. Listening to music or watching a video was hardly possible on the first 10 inch devices without a headphone or active speakers due to the low volume.

Here, the glare type screen.

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