Click to find out more. The answers at first glance appears to be very well and a resounding yes! A closer inspection of the CPU socket reveals something a bit more disturbing. KTA attempts to redress the balance with much increased memory bandwidth. BSOD’s do occur however and the audio stops sometimes. The floppy connector is also grouped here which is where it should be to lessen the cable length required over a bottom edge placement. Ships with the following:

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Conclusion on performance So what can we draw from the following numbers? Privacy policy and Terms of Use.

Ktt266 in all it’s a good layout with only the RAID connector orientation being the problem for me. Something like DivX encoding should see a handy increase in encoding speed, knocking a fair few minutes off the time of a usual full length movie encoding. I didn’t install the extra Windows software component due to it being a review motherboard but rest assured the hardware side of things works well. With the announcement of nVidia’s nForce chipset, the mighty VIA looked like it was in quite a pro22 of troubleā€¦.

However after months of kkt266, VIA essentially allowed its competition to gain a foothold in the marketplace first. The capacitor placement fouls the ability of the retention mechanism to work well and you have to resort to poking at the lever with something in an attempt to make it budge.


Next up we have the memory bandwidth kg266. POV-Ray streams plenty of data from main memory to the CPU and back to perform its intensive calculations required to render our test scene. The software integrates with the screensaver to provide extra security.

[H]ard OCP Do The MSI KT266 Pro2

It was run at default ktt266 and display settings at 9 x just to check that everything was working as far as the KTA AGP driver was concerned and the following score illustrates that perfectly. The floppy connector msk also grouped here which is where it should be to lessen the cable length required over a bottom edge placement.

Windows 98, while having little testing on this motherboard, seems to be OK. If you are a heavy gamer, it’s a nice upgrade.

Before we get our hands dirty in the specifications, remember a chipset is just that, a set of individual chips that work together to provide the services the AMD platform needs to function. This board was installed fully in a case and since it shares the exact same mounting points as should all similar sized motherboards conforming nsi the ATX spec as the previous occupant of the case, the Abit KG7-RAID, installation was simple.

Lastly, as you can see, the PCB is bright red! Everything else is standard. Not ideal at all. Thanks to The Overclocking Store. The plastic is there mi protect the motherboards trace lines from being damaged when a heatsink is installed.

Motherboard: MSI KT266 Pro2 Review ::

The top left placement is a good choice however and gets my thumbs up. SmartKey is also a good value addition to the K7T Pro2 package. You have to be pushing the current memory bandwidth limits on a previous chipset to really see the difference. But VIA have persevered and here it is.

New Drivers  MK2035GSS DRIVER

Board layout as we’ve discussed is fine.

[H]ard OCP Do The MSI KT Pro2

Would it totally sweep me off my feet and carry me into a glorious world of high overclockability where DDR is the only way to go? A smart move on VIA’s part indeed. However they ARE quicker and that’s what we are expecting.

Is it the same again, not quick, hard to implement ppro2 and have MSI done a good job with the board? Sandra Memory Benchmark 9 x Sandra Memory Bandwidth Benchmark 9 x So there we have them, the numbers most people will be looking for. I know quite a few reviews of motherboards are done outside of a case in the confines of a testing area. What was the best tech product of ?

As you can see, MSI k2t66 taken the chipset and added its own twists. V-MAP chips are the same size and have the same pin compatible layout that makes this possible.

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