Any suggestions or comments appreciated?? Of course there are no drivers for the CDROM when doing a fresh install, but when I try to load the CD-ROM drivers at the dos prompt I get an error saying that it cannot install the drivers because it cannot find mscdex. Thanks a bunch, I went to www. DOS messages after a successful boot with generic CD-ROM drivers Time for another eccentric, pointless how-to post concerning a topic probably nobody cares about! Once Windows 95 is installed and up, then you could and maybe should delete these files autoexec. Perhaps someone could fill him in on this one. Pressing Enter after inserting the floppy doesn’t remove the “Press Enter” prompt, and there is not even any attempt to read the floppy, so Ican’t get to setup floppy 2.

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I have encountered two problems with the DOS 6.

VirtualBox doesnt support these when reading from images. Perhaps someone could fill him in on this one.


Thanks a bunch, I went to www. Void Engineer adrift in the Deep Umbra.

How to Use Real-Mode CD-ROM Drivers from Windows 98 Startup Disk

Aug 3, Posts: Though, i do know that the ‘ DrWebDem ‘ demo by Caldera did use it. The SpeedTouch defines it as ” speedtouch.

But that’s off topic here. If not, the easiest thing to do is grab yourself a pre-made disk image. Introduction Examples Common mistakes Common questions Autoexec.

Sun Jul 30, 1: Below is a listing of the major disc drive manufacturers and their related driver files. This is his blog of interests.

Generic CD-ROM Driver – Ars Technica OpenForum

Use defaults all the way until the machine is created; next, connect either your host floppy drive A: In my VM described above the C: I’d suggest this route. Feb 12, Posts: The same principles apply that are described below.

Any suggestions or comments appreciated??

Illiterate Text Ars Centurion Registered: Dec 1, Posts: This is really getting annoying I should add that the Windows 98 boot disk should do you okay in this situation especially if the hard-drive you are installing windows 95 too is already formatted for FAT DOS and from autoexec. While these lines may be loading properly, it could be a possibility that your CD-ROM is not working because of a hardware issue with the drive itself.

New Drivers  HP 630E DRIVER

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Cepper Ars Scholae Palatinae Registered: The listed file was not copied What do I do? BoxNorthway,South Africa, Tel: Apr 3, Posts: That way the install is nice and quick and you’ll never be prompted for the CD ever again in Windows.

Vendetta Ars Tribunus Militum Tribus: Sun Jul 30, 7: SYS file with the following single line

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