A talk on a crowdy street will work out just fine for both you and the person in the other end. Eldar Murtazin eldar mobile-review. Special wap-link shortcuts can also be bound. No problems with the quality of signal from the network were encountered. The organizer allows entering all kinds of appointments and to set up a timer.

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The vibrating alert is average.

Eldar Murtazin eldar mobile-review. A possible reason could be that during standby mode the phone usually turns off almost all processes in a hibernating state. Almost every motorolw used feature of the menu can be accessed with one or two key pressings.

Review Motorola E365

The only disadvantage would be the long wait for it to start up, getting a reaction from the screen after a second or two. Special wap-link shortcuts can also be bound. A special icon can be designated for each group, and the icons are all rather interesting.

The pictures are drawn nicely and are rather funny as well. Same thing happened with the Motorola Cand it was extremely popular for those who mogorola in search of a phone that would match their appearance, both in a suit or casual clothes.


Sony Ericsson uses the same style for its models as well, like the T or T Please allow me to go a little off topic: The design can be described as retro-industrial.

The colours turn pale when the phone is exposed to sunlight, but the picture remains clear. You can also create your own albums, actual folders to keep your photos in. Big 2 Garden — Card game, not everyone will become a great fan of this game.

Motorola E365 (Unlocked) Mobile Phone

Motorooa buttons are placed in horizontal rows and its backlight is blue. You can also set up how you prefer to answer a call ordinary button, any button and auto answer.

You can use fast-navigation in menu with the help of key sequences; plus you can set up to nine shortcuts for quick access. Bubble Tea — Tetris. A dedicated camera button is located on the left, and on the jotorola side you can see a handsfree-port.

I rate the keyboard above average.

This interesting combination makes the phone look unique. Pacific Storm — simple air-sim, just fly and crash everything you see beyond. The phone has 2MB memory which is used dynamically between various applications and features. All entries can be divided into 15 groups. Photos can be set up for single contacts and will be shown when they call you. The time in which the day starts for you can be set up as well. The font used for buttons is seen clearly in all conditions. A talk on a crowdy street will work out just mototola for both you and the person in the other end.


Motorola E – full specs, photos and more

Have something to add?! While testing the phone in Moscow it worked for two days, with 25 minutes used for talking and up to 30 minutes used for other functions mainly games daily.

The main menu is presented with 9 icons situated in three rows. You can store up to entries with one number per contact in the phone book. No other settings can be changed. An E-Mail address can be specified as well, which is also a function within the phonebook.

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