I made it through about The second minor design tweak that we really appreciated was the provision of finger holes on either side of the film strip, at both ends of the holder. One thing that makes the Dimage Scan Multi Pro quicker to use is that tonal and color adjustments are faithfully reflected onscreen in the prescan image, greatly reducing the number of prescans you need to do before undertaking the full-res scan itself. Best Selling in Scanners See all. Here, you can set the image resolution, import a settings file from another scan, and set the output size. Second, we’d like to see a control that would affect how broadly the effect would be applied. Normally, the scanner’s autofocus system looks at the center of the frame to perform its focus adjustments.

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Konica Minolta Dimage Scan Multi PRO Photo, Slide & Film Scanner | eBay

See each listing for international shipping options and costs. Mylti the Digital ICE and ROC features don’t provide any adjustments in the scanner software, other than the ability to activate and deactivate them, Digital GEM allows you to control the intensity of the effect according to the amount of grain in the image. Even with this extreme level of damage, the results were quite noteworthy.

The buttons across the top of the preview area again change, and from right to left perform the following functions:. The Selective Color Adjustment tool separates the color region into seven groups Red, Green, Blue, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Blackallowing you to adjust only the colors in the image that fall within the specified color ranges.

They are decent, but several others I scanned did not turn out as good. Here’s a table with timings from some of the scans we did. Another important scanning parameter oro “bit depth,” a measure of both color accuracy and the maximum density range the scanner can recognize.

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Minolta DiMAGE Scan: Scanners | eBay

A slider bar at the top of the preview area adjusts the amount of Digital GEM applied, with values from zero to The Auto button at the bottom of the window applies any automatic adjustment, and any change can be undone by pressing the Reset button.

We also liked the speed and fluidity of the user interface, but that’s a very subjective issue – Other people may not like it as much as we did.

We loved the user interface, and the image quality we obtained was first rate. For instance, if you’re wanting to double-check a particularly severe tonal or color correction. Minolta Dimage Scan Multi Pro At maximum scanner resolution, the defects cover significant areas of subject detail, making correction oro more difficult. Look at our test scans for yourself, and compare them to the results we obtained from other scanners you might be considering buying – This is a somewhat subjective evaluation.

It has been sitting for two years unused. On medium format, it’s still no slouch, at dpi, but isn’t quite up to the dpi of some models.

Note though, that we didn’t perform any tests on a Windows platform: It also means though, that more detail is lost in the undisturbed areas next to the scratches. The second minor design tweak that we really appreciated was the provision of finger holes on either side of the film strip, at both ends of the holder.

At the same dimabe, Minolta has miinolta improved the electronics and made incremental enhancements to the scanning software. From left to right, the button functions are:.


Konica Minolta Dimage Scan Multi PRO Photo, Slide & Film Scanner

A series of tabs above the preview area and utility window provide access to controls for different stages of the scanning process, and include Index, Prescan, Image Correction, and Digital GEM headings. You first place the media to be scanned into a holder, then insert the holder into the scanner.

The main screen is divided into sections. An Undo button in the bottom right corner removes the most recent change.

If you’re buying a card to support the Dimage Scan Multi Pro, take our advice and get a “name brand” Adaptec unit. Minolta raises the bar on medium-format scanning! One thing that we felt to be a major defect of the scanning software, at least on the Macintosh platform, is that it isn’t at all graceful about letting you do other things on the machine while the scans are proceeding.

I made it through about If you decide you like one of the surrounding options better than the current selection, you choose that adjustment by simply clicking on the thumbnail image.

Minolta DiMAGE Scanners

We’re surprised, but the fixed-focus approach does seem to work, as evidenced by the performance of the Minolta’s Dimage Scan Speed. Not tested beyond that. Skip to main content.

The medium-format holder can accept strips of film several frames long depending on the specific format chosenbut only a single frame may be scanned without repositioning the film.

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