This was cute when he was five, but worrisome at seventeen. The series in which the model is placed has some bearing on the sizes available some newer products are not available in the MB capacity and the quantity available, but more importantly the series is indicative of the artist behind the design. Pros Unique characters will appeal to fans, both of pop culture and past presidents. The Rainbow Dash drive also comes with My Little Pony-themed wallpapers, icons, and avatars, but adds sound, with character voices announcing when you’ve plugged in the drive or copied a folder. This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Rainbow Dash is blue, with a suitably multicolored mane and tail. This is a bit of a hassle and is a sacrifice which must be made when form is given priority over function.

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How to Clone a Hard Drive. Again, the back of the drive features Lincoln’s signature. Whether you’re looking to show people that usg a hunk of burning love, a fan of Honest Abe, or just a My Little Pony aficionado, Mimoco’s novelty flash drives send the message loud and clear.

Scientists Create ‘Bionic Mushroom’ That Produces Electricity

Being a pony, Rainbow Dash has no outfit to speak of, but the basic design is the same, with a little body at one end and an elongated head at the other. After choosing the design you like its just a matter of choosing the capacity of the drive and making sure it is still available for purchase. There mimobt designs are sure to mimobo some heads and their performance is nothing to scoff at.


Now that the testing is over, its time for something more fun. As a child, Brian was frequently asked “What do you want to be when you grow up?

Simply put, the Mimobot is a cool product. Mimoco also says that the drive is full of speed, spunk, and “undeniable charisma,” but such claims are difficult to verify, even in our miobot lab.

They are not quite as fun as the real thing, but they are a good substitute if you are saving your money or your favorite character sold out.

All in all, it’s an impressive collection of content, and worthwhile for any Elvis fan. We received a few models to photograph, one being ta2bthe green cyclopic alien bear at least that is what is looks like. Content quality varies from one drive to the next.

Generally speaking, while these drives may not udb anyone with blazing fast performance or top-of-the-line features, they are the drives that people actually notice, and add to their own wish lists. The Best External Hard Drives of This was cute when he was five, but worrisome at seventeen.

Capacities from 8GB and up. The cap which protects the USB connector is very tight and takes some force to remove. Mimoco has made its name in the novelty drive category, with drives depicting characters and historical figures as varied as Batman and Albert Einstein. This is a tradeoff which comes with the cool design and limited edition pieces. This was clearly a preventitive measure so that the cap would be harder to lose. While this is a bit mmimobot for a basic USB drive, the fan-favorite designs and bonus content will add value that most flash drives don’t offer.


Related Reviews CalDigit Tuff. Their artwork is very creative and mature enough for everyone to appreciate, though it may not be the type of thing you want to pull out of your suitcase at your next job interview.

A list of the available Mimobots can be seen on their site. This newsletter may contain advertising, deals, or affiliate links. In addition to the wallpapers, icons, and avatars, the drive includes two extensive photo albums, one centered around the Elvis: This is a bit of a hassle and is a sacrifice which must uusb made when form is given priority over function.

Mimobot USB Flash Drive –

Performance wasn’t identical among the four drives, but it was similar. Our Mimobot came preinstalled with about MB of cool stuff from Mimoco. This is not exactly an apples-to-apples test give the size differences and the intended goal of each product, but it would let is us learn a bit more about the flash drive.

This same complaint could not be made of the Elvis Aloha from Hawaii drive.

Inspired by the rhinestone studded jumpsuit worn in the Elvis Aloha from Hawaii satellite broadcast inhis outfit includes a Hawaiian lei. Get Our Best Stories! Western Digital My Book.

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