I would like to feel that it is possible to get this switch to work, but now I know that it is,at the moment, beyond my understanding of Linux to do this. The platform file tells the kernel what SPI busses are present and could be configured, and it tells the SPI bus driver about what chips and their respective chip select lines and SPI modes are on each bus. Number of descriptors available for use. The hardware is reset to correct the problem. If I do decide to take up you offer I will try to get the info together sometime next week. Number of bits to shift. Counter to keep track of promiscuous mode set.

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Cached receive control settings. Buffer to store the FID. The two error messages have now gone. Index for next descriptor available for use.

Timer to monitor ports. Mask for index wrapping.

Based on your schematic, you should be removing: Current Spanning Tree Protocol state. Number of network devices this hardware supports. Do you have the control interface hooked up? We have a kernel image built using Petalinux Sorry for the delay.


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The driver doesn’t to much to update the registers on the chip for you. However, the info you have just given me looks to be very useful. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Indication that descriptors are for transmit. The same driver can run both chips at the same time.

DSA support for Micrel KSZ – Patchwork

Indication of hardware enabled. After this, your chip select array should only be of length 2 one for the on-module NOR, siwtch for your switch:.

Mike I have downloaded micre branch as above but when i compile i get the following: Commit interval 5 micre, EXT3-fs mmcblk0p1: Those functions are identical except for more checking for the new features. Indication of receive process stop. If I use the correct version of the kernel and configure it correctly, should this switch allow me to communicate with an external network or is there other work to be done to implement this?


A little more insight into this: Sometimes the loss of links come fairly closely spaced together in time. The transmit descriptor base.

Sign up or log imcrel Sign up using Google. The priority to set. This is where I get lost. Connection status of the port. A set of flags indicating different capabilities. Please could you, when you have time, have a look at these and see if you can identify the problem.

ethernet driver with new Switch/PHY – Q&A – ADSP-BF60x – EngineerZone

For moving forward to 3. The chip works fine as a switch but I want to get the Linux to recognise it. What I have done so far is to download a kernel version 3.

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