After that the PIC has to be reset. See the steps shown below. All rights are reserved. By continuing to browse the site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Regardless of the operating system, it should not be necessary to close any open applications prior to the driver installation.

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Make sure that the config bits are set properly and match your hardware, e. So the following changes are required: By continuing to browse the site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. After that the PIC has to be reset.

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Further, a linker script is required to make the application software start at 0x All rights are reserved. Please make sure that the bootloader entry condition e.

Digging around the internet did not solve my problem, but it did give me the right hints to find the solution and it’s actually quite simple.

You can get the linker scripts here: I have also kchpusb a copy of the application onto my webspace, so if the above link is not working, you can get the bootloader PC Software here.


The system will copy and install the driver files, and indicate when the mchpuwb is finished. The icon and name will be the same in all versions of Windows. Now Windows should detect a new USB device. It will not be necessary to restart the system. For Microsoft Windows XP: LED blinking demo application: Now you can build the project via “Project – Build All”.

USB64 Firmware

You only need to install this drivers, if you want to make a firmware update. The bootloader checks if pin RB4 is low or high: The bootloader starts after Power-On or Reset.

Application Software for usage of the Bootloader Programs which shall be flashed with the bootloader need to be adapted since the bootloader uses the memory area 0x mcypusb 0x7FF.

You mchpysb get it here: These cookies are not used for marketing purposes, merely to improve your user experience when using our website. Select “install from disk” and browse to the following location: The tool itself is selfexplaining. When I got the warnings ‘the device did not start’, it still was able to use the device and at first it seemed to work correctly.


LQ Electronics Corp

The bootloader firmware incl. Choose the option “select manually As a USB device, the USB64 board requires very little effort to install; most of the work is done by the operating system.

Installing the USB Device Driver Because of the differences in USB implementation for different versions of Microsoft Windows, the installation of the driver varies with the operating system being used. A confirmation mail for the comments will be send to you.

Microchip USB driver for PIC18F (Windows 7 bit)

This is not the default option. This area is usually used by the application software itself.

It is written in C language. In general, there are two different procedures:

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