Juck Canon are first, derrr. Then it all went a bit quiet until the Sony Mavica in AD. It was awesome in its convenience. Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios. Minolta now Sony with the rd and Sony itself led the digital revolution while Canon and Nikon continued to go with their film based cameras. Sony Mavica FD92 https: I checked out all these Mavicas at local stores and thought it was a joke that Sony thought that anyone would pay so much for so little.

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Gear of the Year – Allison’s choice: At that time, I thought digital is still digifal cooked, and continued using my film cameras. The light should go on. Skip to main content. Masaru Ibuka Akio Morita.

Sony Mavica Digital Cameras for sale | eBay

Simon Joinson London parking: What you see is what you get. Press the shutter button down fully momentarily.

This made the data “portable”, sigital could even put the disc in a “computer” and look at the pictures.

An external digitiser could be used to output the results to things like early Photoshop or dye sublimation desktop printers.

More refinements More refinements Outside of those the Mavicas were one of the few that stand out in my mind.

New Drivers  FACECAM 1020 DRIVER

Sony’s Mavica FD71 liked floppy disks, hated magnets 81 comments. Dec 21, Just more proof that the mqvica goes not to the swift nor the battle to the strong no matter how many frames per second your camera can rattle off nor how quickly it autofocuses. This camera has been in my family for many years it has a place where you can put a floppy disk and it is memory stick compatible. This system was used for years, probably till the PC’s were updated and the 3.

Helens eruption found in thrift shop camera. Thanks for the article, brought back many memories. I think we generated more good will from that camera than any golf outing!

Sony Mavica

But we thought it was a good deal because no more processing costs. No other accessories are mafica, If its not in the first picture, its not in the sale.

I believe that the Mavica name was because the FD models were diigtal mass-market development of the original Mavica Still Video analogue filmless cameras of the s. Battery 10X Optical Zoom. Smartphones are equipped with image technology, making it possible to take a photograph with a few swipes of a touchscreen. But I bet even years a go, someone got bored with woolly mammoths and decided sabre toothed cats were easier to paint on cave walls.


The owner of the small company I worked for had one and we used it for taking photos of the various golf outings and parties we threw for our clients. In this interview, Simon looks back at his time at the helm.

Sony’s Mavica FD71 liked floppy disks, hated magnets: Digital Photography Review

Gear of the Year – Dan’s choice: Fujifilm’s 4K video cameras. Sony continues kavica produce digital cameras in the Cyber-shot and Alpha series, which use Memory Stick and other flash card technologies for storage.

Guaranteed by Mon, Jan 7. Ron Poelman I know of one large car insurance company that shot the damage, removed the disc and kept it in the clients folder A4 manilla of course ; one 3. Pretty sure the FD5 was the first digital camera I mavic for myself. A perfect replacement for the Sony A7 and A9:

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