It show me message with blue screen. Sorry, I didn’t notice you were using that. Education and being able to write well has nothing to do with your intelligence, wits, or other skills. What do you mean about moving this post in your last comments? Thanks so much for this solution!

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MEDION – Driver Download

SandRo 10 years ago. A few years ago, I was preparing to switch back to the use of McAfee, and the program would not install it wanted clean temps Ive copied the steps to load on my usb of needed files! I clicked restart and hit F12, but was distracted thankfully so and missed option boot from CD. I have to say thank you again Thank you all for your suggestions.

SATA Controllers

It trully appears that your hinting to continue running them in Raid. Hadi 3 years ago. Morning I need to read every word of responces still. Raj 9 years ago.

Install XP: Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer

I had this dusty laptop on the shelf for 1 year. There is no force update for the newer Marvell controller on this board, no need to update it that was as the BIOS does it by default in a different manner than the older controllers since it has it’s own narvell BIOS.


If possible Id like the system to only speed up as needed ie. It appears the Antec reviewed by TT!

I can double check this tomorrow! This will make it a lot easier for us to help know exactly what hardware you have with out having to refer back to the first post.

HK 4 years ago. Lakaz 8 years ago. I can finally install windows now as it eventually detected the hard drives.

So you’re good to go!! It skipped prompts for chossing what to install etc.

Im pretty sure I have dsic one of the problems I created in the past. Thank you so much for your article! Well, I would install those if I were you, but if marve,l want more recent ones, you can install the ones from here at the bottom of the page Top section of the bottom area Marvell drivers http: AS SSD is a benchmark program that will show you the transfer speeds of you ssd.

Sorry, I didn’t notice you were using that. However the program installed fine, and appears to run correctly. You are the man.

Im still not so sure my Router will want to share files lol. I realize that I will still probably see this error: Jason 11 marvell ago. Install the driver, and then use device manager to update the software for its use? It’s all up to you, you can test various ways if you want and see which works best for you. This morning when I went to startup, I was greeted with a black screen noticed disk activity so I let it keep running for sometime I finally used the power button to shut down, turned off the actual power supply, and proceded to use F8 to boot into safe mode.


I had already planned to go into bios and disable the current array uninstall both drives and install the SSD w OS. These will have proper SSD defrag abilities, which you can use once a month or so, whenever you want, this is basically free space allocation more than defragging, but it will defrag a little in the process of moving stuff around of course.

Look at the last link in my sig to see my mafvell benchmarks. I had to set to compatibility mode under the hdd settings in the bios.

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