I’m not so worried about the D: Do you already have an account? Intel Architecture Day. Intel all the way, i dont like they OCZ do it, every week a new firmware? Your name or email address:

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Anyone who tries these updates for theplease post here with your results so others can benefit.

Putting SDD on a ICH10R vs Marvell – Which is best?? | [H]ard|Forum

Intel Architecture Day. ElvismenJun 3, If you install the firmware from Station Drivers abovemy understanding is since it is newer that the on-chip firmware, it will now be loaded instead mavrell the BIOS’s firmware if you have the “Auto” setting configured. These are the performances I get using each of them: Folks 99128 a great insights you are giving here! I am very impressed as these two drive using an onboard controller are as fast, maybe even a hair faster, than my 4 Intel X G2 drives on a dedication RAID Controller.

Mar 28, 5.

Intel ICH10R vs Marvell 9128 raid 0 performance

I will be making full backup clones often so please forget about the raid problems X1 vs X2 vs X3 vs X4 drives. In Max PC there is a good question about raod of SSD, its says most peeps should not hit the lifetime write barrier, but to in any case understand that the failure should still allow reads, so data is safe. Dark Mantis 10typesofpeopleoneswhoknow binaryandoneswhodont.


Share This Page Tweet. Apr 4, I connected another newly-formatted disk to the other free Marvell connection, and found that the Marvell BIOS still remembered that this particular disk had previously been connected to the At the website ” http: I used ATI on the WinPE disk to restore an all-partition disk backup I just ticked the box for the drive, rather than the partitions individually to the new unformatted 2TB drive.

Why hasn’t Gigabyte updated the driver for the ? Dark Mantis on January 22, January 23, Or, are all Sata III cards expensive right now?

I will post some screen shots later, of ATTO bench marks. One thing is that some drives are not well suited to RAID systems, though the manufacturers may not spell this out as clearly as they might. I am not certain that all Gigabyte motherboards use raud PCIe 1.

Which of these rajd provides the best performance for the controller? You’ll get similar performance to one sata-III SSD but halves the chances that a hardware failure kills your raid compared to running 4 drives.


Here’s how I did it:. Mar 30, raie. I know the i is more than capable as should most competitive models from other mfgrs.

Yes, my password is: Mar 28, 2. It would indeed be great to be able to make full use of this device even if it is a year later.

Putting SDD on a ICH10R vs Marvell 9128 – Which is best??

And, I know how to protect my system with proper backup systems. Apr 1, 9. I have noticed the following: Restore the backup to the first disk in the previous 2-disk array.

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