I would ask, why do you ask? I do not make videos for a hobby and our media library consists of DVDs and Bluray disks sitting in a bookshelf. On the forums I see builds of people that apparently use it with no problems, as well as issues like this. I ended up just using it as a JBOD card and using storage spaces within windows, it seems to work better. This is the one I use:

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Apr 19, 9. Can anyone perhaps shed some light onto this or point me somewhere where I can find more conclusive information about this?

Marvell 88SE SATA Controller Released | – Storage Reviews

And as we have two boxes, we have tried all this on both boxes. I do not make videos for a hobby and our media library consists of DVDs and Bluray disks sitting in a bookshelf.

PylorApr 18, I would ask, why do you ask? Take your time to read it, apparently you are not the only matvell. Isn’t this basically the kind of setup danb35 is suggesting, only with postponing the actual striping of data?

Marvell 88SE9230 SATA Controller Released

Apr 18, 2. Somewhere in the future I might want to use the machine as a Git server for some coding projects at home, but I do not think that is likely to happen, as I already spend a lot of time coding on the job. I have done some further reading, marrvell about striped mirrors. This is the one I use: By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies.


Both of those are stable. My initial idea was to be able to expand the ZFS pool with an additional drive later if I need more space, as this is a feature that 888se9230 has been added to ZFS and of which I trust that it will find its way to FreeNAS at some point.

Hi, I think I have a similar sata card in my system. Aug 16, Messages: May 2, Messages: Dec 19, Messages: With Intel crystal can see each disk but HDtune cannot, it just sees the raid and can’t give you temp but does give smart.

Also, resilvering appears to be a lot quicker and less stressing on the remaining drives compared to RAIDZx.

It has fully paid all operational costs for your HardForum enjoyment! Parity is only for raid 5, that is not included, only 0,1 and 10 for that reason. But I think they mravell fix the issue, it’s your gamble. I also noticed fooling around to break the raid1 with Marvell hoses all content whereas with Intel you can delete the raid and not lose your information.


Intel vs Marvell for cheap raid | [H]ard|Forum

The best course of action, if you need more ports to connect drives to, is using a SAS controller which is well supported and reliable. Your name or email address: I just dislike the lack of control I have over where things actually are on the disks. Does lspci show anything about your card? Some people use the Marvell cards and have no trouble, but it really depends on how you plan to use it.

I also update the firmware but that was more in the hope that it would make it works on another pcie port As for needed space: Dwarf CavendishMar 29, The stuff in the hardware recommendation list is more expensive than what I am willing to spend at this point.

Dwarf CavendishDec 23, Apr 18, 7.

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