Or perhaps both of them were. I tend not to spend too much time thinking about it. But the Asian Porsche Cup is a lot of fun; and I have met a whole new culture. And, we are in touch throughout the year. Skoda Karoq takes on Honda and Subaru.

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And we carry on! The N24 grid is smaller nowadays than in years past, does that make itself felt? But our main assignment is to pedal the car as fast as possible!

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Or perhaps both of them were. Is the new Porsche Macan a good buy? VLN and the N24 are one of the last remaining championships that still allow development tyres. And then you try to get the best lap time raggingrr of it. If everyone shows a little consideration for others then things work out fine.

Martin Ragginger Formula BMW Photos, EuroSpeedway Lausitz

Skoda Karoq takes on Honda and Subaru. Ford develops noise-cancelling kennel for dogs. Porsche fails crash test. Continued use of this site indicates that you accept this policy.


This is how the COE bidding system works. Post a Comment Report Error Share. There was all kinds of speculation, whether the event would even happen. We also allow the fans to get up close, something that I miss when I look at Formula 1. The rolling average of the graph is 10 days. You just have to make them work for you. What else can you redeem with your petrol points?

And, we are in touch throughout the year. Far East To North Loop. Unexpected things in your car that spoil. Easy audio upgrades with Dimension Audio. If you know of things missing or have corrections, please log in and submit them.

Do visit our partner sites for other services such as job openings for Singapore jobsreal estate properties for salemover. What do you think about the changes that have been made to the Nordschleife in the wake of the tragedy?

Martin Ragginger

Yes you always want to be fastest. For Martin Ragginger, marks the return to a mainly European programme that centers around two efforts based in Germany.

New Drivers  HP C4272 DRIVER

In the end, it tends to even itself out, there will be weekends when we will have a better car than the others. Tyre degradation is the main thing, how quickly the tyre loses performance.

I do think that the GT Masters and the other series I compete in offer good, high-quality racing. You work with different teams and drivers; depending on what series you are in, you collaborate with them on one weekend, compete against them on the next. Read more Car News. Fun and functional Skoda Karoq.

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