A Fault signal received from any of the Axes will trigger an Emergency Stop. Originally intended to be a kit, soon it outgrew the DIY kit concept while we were adding new features. The main features are:. K-4 Bipolar Micro-stepper drive is a high quality high power 48 volts 5 Amperes per phase bipolar micro-stepper drive. If used, they should be small, ie a link with a ferrite bead. Features of the Attiny

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This increase comes in addition to the start-up time from the selected sleep mode. Some modifications were done respect to version 1. Small screwdrivers flat and Phillips tips Insulated wrapping wire AWG 30 solid copper twisted telephone wire or Cat5 solid twisted pair network wires could be used too for prototype perforated-board wiring not required if the translator PCB is ordered 10 Conductor ribbon cable and two 10 pin female IDC connectors Translator to Power Stage interface cable Lenght is user dependent the shorter the better uniipolar 12″.

Mardus-Kreutz DIY Unipolar Micro-stepper Drive: Mardus-Kreutz Unipolar Micro-Stepper. 2nd Part.

Below that we have the on switch and a small relay for the emergency and limit switches. This test used a motor voltage of 30V and a motor current of 10A. One big reason for not using unipolars is because you have little or no control over current decay. RF isolated Step-direction signals up to ubipolar. The higher the initial voltage, whilst limiting the current, the faster the stepper can turn up to a limit.


The limit is probably 75W per transistor, assuming a large heatsink and possibly forced cooling. Hello Guys; Here are some images captured from my scope during the tests, this time only the Translator was tested.

One example is to limit the maximum time allowed for certain operations, giving an interrupt when the operation has run longer than expected.

“20A Unipolar Stepper Driver”

Anti-Static mat with ground cable the link is only one example Anti-Static Velcro wrist-strap with ground cable the link is only one example. K-4 Bipolar Micro-stepper Design Goals. Desirable, will be handy if some rework is needed.

I will also talk about design decisions and compromises, as well as the solutions we implemented, in order to unipopar some of the fixed frequency chopper inherent dis-advantages. The PCB boards on the photos are for revision 2.

The translator includes also the opto-isolation circuit for the Step and Direction signals coming from the PC Lpt port or controlling device.

Blanking time versus Mardhs-kreutz transients. Individual or Simultaneous control of all axes. Originally it was intended to capitalize on the translator developed for the Mardus-Kreutz boards, later more features were added, like: The dual Mosfet driver chips employed in our circuit have an external inhibit input one per individual Mosfet driver which is driven by the corresponding latch output.

Attached Files Bill of Materials.

The reference analog waveform comes from the translator, half of the low pass filter is physically located on the power stage board and its function is to attenuate unlpolar introduced on the ribbon cable, delivering an analog signal to the chopper’s comparator comprising unattenuated frequencies from zero to about 1.


The Sync signal is generated on a hardware 8 bits PWM generator inside the Micro-controller Chip, the mardus-kfeutz time” is adjustable in the firmware.

Kreutz-4 DIY Bipolar Micro-Stepper Drive

The small thermometer reads The external clock is then fed to P8. The old drivers were scrapped, except for the cooling fins, sized like a football field, which were reused. The Speed measurement circuit is the responsible of controlling the variable morphing reference waveform versus motor speed, details about both features will be discussed on the firmware description part of this series. Current gives the torque, voltage the speed.

At least the power stage should be made on a double side PCB following the Rev2. Charge Pump feature watch-dog.

Mardus-Kreutz DIY Unipolar Micro-stepper Drive

A new DIY bipolar power stage is being designed using a different technology The idea was to make them compatible with the M-K boards.

The soul is a simple but effective firmware micro-controller software able to handle a maximum step frequency of Khz and providing all the micro-step functionality, as well as current waveform morphing with speed, standby motor current reduction, and automatic torque compensation.

Each channel’s chopper stage is basically integrated by a SET dominant S-R latcha dual Mosfet driver and a voltage comparator.

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