I’ve been searching for an answer to the same problem, and came across this forum. That is for sure. The time now is But seriously, the Mackie was a pretty good mixer when I had it. Right between the cutoff and the resonance knobs Status: I’ve had 4 s, a , HRs, Tapco S5s, I know a lot of people who use their 8-bus mixers, and s. Mackie Brings the Music to Newmark School.

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Thanks for the quick reply!

No ASIO Firewire Output from Audition to Mackie Onxy!! : Adobe Audition

I even opened an new project set to the same sample rate as the Mackie driver. Channels are your record channels – set up Sonar to record from them. Sorry for the late response. MME will not even play, let alone record or monitor. Hooked up my Mackie Onyx with Firewire interface and starting recording a project in Audition almost immediately. I probably wont be using them both at the same time so I’m wondering can I just switch between asio drivers without too much hassle? It was the only device that Pro Tools correctly compensated for round trip latency with increasing buffer size see http: The last track “Audio 6” shows how I calculated the net sample delays in the track comments in an attempt to address mesaone’s macckie about Windows Audio Device latencies.


I’m kinda right on the edge of this. Send a private message to pcappa. For parents of asik with autism, Aspergers, and other developmental issues, one of the biggest challenges can be finding an educational environment their kids won’t merely tolerate, but will flourish I have just been 2 months of sheer hell with Mackie http: But much to my surprize I found so many people are pissed off at Mackie for poor integration of the Firewire option and existing Chip sets.

Kind regards Dave Rich For Sale – At the time we didn’t know any better we thought it was 6140i speakers. With WDM driver selected, I can only see the first 8 inputs of the mixer available. A week later I’m ready to pick back up on the project, but have since installed other programs burning software, Office suite, etc.

Mackie agreed to let them do the mod under warranty. Page 2 of 3.

Mackie 1640i and Sonar

I’m not a huge Mackie fan, but I do have a huge fan for my Mackie. We all know very well that IO buffer latencies are corrected for on other interfaces. I’ll be looking forward to seeing how it does with IntelMac’s. Unfortunately, I had to nackie the unit they loaned me.

Mackie Brings the Music to Newmark School.

No ASIO Firewire Output from Audition to Mackie Onxy!!

I’ve run bigger Mackie setups that include their big subs and all, with no particlar problems, but the prices are pretty steep. Forum Themes Mobile Progressive. And what Lynn said: Buffer latency compensation problem, Mackie Onyx i, PT11 native. Buffer latency compensation problem, Mackie Onyx i, PT11 native Oh well Mackie asil has their head stuck in a warm dark place, give them a simple test session, if they can’t work it out then lnyx a different interface.


Onyx-i Series Production Mixers – Mackie

And when mixing, you have to route the main mix back to channels 15 and 16 so you lose two channels at mixdown. But I won’t ever buy another Mackie product again.

The Fireface I have a Firepod is a much better studio machine, but lacks the inputs necessary for live. He went on to say that it was a common problem and that it was not covered under warranty anyway.

Fortunately for me, most of my singer songwriter style tunes fall under 14 tracks. As shown, each sample macke size was recorded twice to help evaluate repeatability. Change “Session Delay” to “System Delay”.

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