Half-Height Optical Loader W: Note that the LiteOn SOHWS used the exact same board design with slight differences in memory brand used but at the same memory timings! Sanyo Pickup Supplier – Specifications Interface: How your privacy gets cooked by those restaurant waitlist apps. Now let’s take a look at the drive itself. Execute the firmware upgrade execution file.

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We’d much rather have the full version of Nero 6. SA – Page 4 Novices unfamiliar with such terminology can find a more complete manual, as a PDF file, on both software CDs.

This causes a variation in reflectivity as the disc rotates to provide a read-out signal as with commercially pressed read-only discs. The drive arrived with firmware vVS01 and till today there hasn’t been a newer firmware release.

Lite-On SOHWS review: Lite-On SOHWS – CNET

Customers, please be aware, that LiteON IT will no longer provide services to the products that have been ” Illegally Firmware Upgraded “, such as flashing to other models’ firmware.


Nothing really changed in the drive’s properties, except the firmware revision.

BookType Setting Feature Still, the double-layer experience wasn’t all we soha-832s hoped it would be; double-layer media burns at only 2. Removing the screws and opening the drive’s cover voids the drive’s warranty. Execute the firmware upgrade execution file. But the SOHWS did let us experience the joy of copying discs without having to strip or split content, and we look forward to the maturation of double-layer technology.

While the retail box doesn’t mention it, it supports 1-year warranty for Europe, Middle-East and Africa. The Bad Burned double-layer discs fail to play in some devices; lacks instructions on double-layer burning; support site lacks drive-specific information. The best Black Friday sowh-832s of SA – Page 3 Gigantic-screen phone for a gigantic price. DVD Recording Tests Please sow-832s sure to keep power supplier without any interruption during upgrade.

Lite-on SOHW-832S Firmware 0M

CD Recording Tests 9. So, let’s get cracking! Lines and paragraphs break automatically. Review Sections Review Specs.

Lite-On SOHWS Specs – CNET

Sanyo Pickup Supplier – Specifications. It is because of minor anomalies such as this that we wish Lite-On had provided more comprehensive, DL-specific documentation.


Help us by reporting it. The drive has a beige bezel and includes both a headphone jack and a volume control for listening to audio CDs directly from the drive, but not DVDs–for that you’ll need the headphone jack on your speakers or sound card.

Sanyo Pickup Supplier – Specifications Interface: Please close all applications under Windows. Our main interest is to see how the new LiteON drive compared with the sowh-832s S series and most importantly, if and how DL writing works.

You can click on the mainboard picture for a higher resolution image: After all tests had finished, LiteON released a newer firmware, VS03 with the update description “match more media”.

About Privacy Contact Us. Release Notes Related Drivers 7. Download the ZIP file with correct model name.

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