Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad controller, just cheaply made in my opinion. What thing do you like most and least? It is just collecting dust now. What lights are you trying to control? I’m hoping you didn’t pay for it. ShowXpress now works with Mac.

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To see in a few months lightjocey heavier equipment DMX There is some free software out there, and you would just need to buy a dongle to connect to your computer.

It just felt cheap, the sliders could be removed easily, buttons were made out a cheap plastic that made a loud click when pressed, ect I’d recommend showxpress for sure; as for enttec I dont know if they have a customer service department where as chauvet does.

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Posted 03 November – Delete From Topic The post will be removed from this topic completely. However, I know that mine exempts any ‘tools of your trade’, with a definition that pretty clearly includes software used purely for work purposes.

I have found the Q-Light interface to be a bit confusing to run some more complex shows on, however, and I am looking into a physical board now like the Elation DMX Operator. Log in Become a member. Do you get an adapter 3-pin The EnTTec Open never gave me any problems with this software. I use this lighfjockey for several days and everything works perfectly with my color changers.


Or am I just wasting my time with a cheap controller? How long have you use it? As I lighhjockey in my first post I’m not looking to really do much just get some and refresh my experience in DMX.

Everything is fully customizable, the frame duration of intetrames etc.

Blue Room technical forum: enttec and other dongles – Blue Room technical forum

SimonW, lifhtjockey 2 Nov Out of interest why do you not like Freestyler as to me it works in a very similar manor to Light Jockey.

I would like to purchase a basic DMX controller mainly for experimenting at home and maybe use it at a few gigs.

But your not limited to the Chauvet dongle. I chose the Pro version of this interface for its electrical isolation between DMX and not tested. How about a PC-based controller? So, you probably need to look at getting specific insurance cover if you want to be sure that your lightjofkey is protected.

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I’ll recommend the Chauvet Obey 70 controller. Unless you get a cracked box, which is damn enttev impossible now. I have used some extreme controllers before grandMA2 compared to the Obey10 but I have forgotten much ligghtjockey DMX since then and just would like to have something to refresh my mind and for fun.


So far I really like it. Cot price is still too expensive but because the market is very well placed Enttec with this product. It is not necessary to have Martin hardware to use the Visualizer in this manner. What Don is saying maybe correct but from my understanding of your post your looking for a controller and not entted visualiser. The software option is also a nice route with the right software but the dongle is the part that costs the most depending on which one you get like mentioned above and it all really just depends on your needs.

enttec and other dongles – Blue Room technical forum

From my grasp the higher models biggest advantage is that they allow you to control more fixtures. If I were to purchase an Obey 10 would I not be able to do certain controllers with my fixtures that the higher models offer?

Only the larger and Plus work on the Mac. Community Forum Software by IP. Posted 26 October –

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