Original Select additional copying features, as desired. Is it in stock? The Input Size popup menu will appear. We try to make the return process as easy as possible. Original Information Use the platen glass or document feeder to position originals to copy. Yes No Don’t know.

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Otherwise, machine trouble may occur.

Konica Toner Cartridges For Copiers

Open the Finisher door. We try to make the return process as easy as possible. Use only the staples supplied by Konica. Machine The touch screen and all the LEDs on the control panel will go out.


Yes No Don’t know. To Display Information on Machine Follow the procedure below to display the machine information using the web browser. The Basic Screen will be displayed. Turn on the power switch of the machine. To Display Application Selection Screen Follow the procedure below to display the Application Selection Screen and select the desired copying features.

Recycled paper is used for the inside pages of this manual. Touch OK to restore the Output Mode popup menu.


Follow the procedure below to make double-sided copies from the originals scanned from the document feeder or from the platen glass. Mode Ask your network manager to perform this setting. Selecting Binding Mode When copying in 1 2 or 2 2 mode, specify the binding mode on the Output Konicx popup menu to obtain the desired copy result. Add connectivity and a wide range of new functionality to the with the new IP print controller.


Caution Labels and Indicators The caution labels and indicators are attached to the machine areas, as shown below, where you are advised to pay special attention to avoid konicaa dangerous situations or serious injury.

Six levels are provided: Should you receive such product and find it unsatisfactory, you may return the product for an exchange or refund. Touch to scroll to the next page.

Click on the desired [Job ID No. Never set more than one thick original or paste up, otherwise machine trouble may be caused.

Original Information Use the platen glass or document feeder to position knoica to copy. Checking Feature Selections and Proof Copying Use the Check mode to confirm copying selections before starting print operation.

Page 43 Machine Configuration continued: Be sure that the power switch is turned on before loading paper in the LCT. Often, we are able to locate some internationally, or to propose alternatives to keep you printing. Function Environment Setup continued The E. The settings of a locked job cannot be changed.



Selecting Density Level continued Enter the desired print quantity from the control panel keypad. A3, B4, A4, B5 Types of paper: Machine Configuration continued Internal Machine Items 1 Toner cartridge 7 Reset switch 2 Toner unit 3 Conveyance fixing unit 6 Fixing unit 4 Lever A 5 Drum unit 1 Toner cartridge holds toner and is to be replaced when supplying toner.

The first upper left key displays the Front Cover icon if selected.

In this mode, use Proof copy to produce a sample of the copied set before making multiple copies. This function is not factory-set.

Accounting Dept Fax or Jenny’s Printer. Simitri provides visibly superior image quality with better text and halftone output when compared with conventional toner technology.

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