Templates become a permanent part of pictures taken in this mode. Zoom Lever Located on the back of the camera at upper right, this lever rocks back and forth to control the optical zoom from wide angle to telephoto. As mentioned above, we strongly recommend high-quality rechargeable NiMH batteries for any digital camera. The rubber hand grip is of benefit to right-handed users at least in maintaining a good grip, as is the thumb impression on the right rear. Accordingly, they adjust the exposure to produce this light level in the final image. This screen shot shows the delete menu, which allows you to delete either the current photo, or all pictures in the camera’s memory at once. Included Software The DC is packed with an unusually complete bundle of software programs, providing everything you need, not only to download and manipulate pictures shot with the camera, but also to print them efficiently at least on the Windows platform and even make your own web pages using a very nice visual layout tool.

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My daughter borrowed it for a weekend and lost the slide in battery compartment.

Kodak DC 215 1.0MP Digital Camera

Review first posted 26 November, The other great thing about kofak is the koddak of buying replacement parts. The DC was somewhat faster in this area, thanks to its fixed-focus lens, which eliminated the time normally required for autofocus operation. They also include a Quick Start guide for those of us who are too impatient to read the manual before snapping pictures. This is a good design as you won’t have the batteries falling out as you are trying to replace them. Shutter Button Located on the top right of the camera, this button sets white balance and exposure when halfway pressed and takes the exposure once fully pressed.


When either the exposure compensation or kodaj lock feature is used, icons will appear in the LCD window when previewing pictures. Allows you to apply pre-defined templates to your pictures. After pressing the Self-Timer button, focus the subject and then fully press the shutter button. Note that the output from the DC is a video signal, not a television one.

Kodak DC215 Zoom (1999)

Our standard tests are really oriented toward checking the maximum range in telephoto mode, and we found that kodka DC’s flash worked well out to about 9 feet, reasonably well to 10 feet, then fell off rather rapidly beyond that distance. While we applaud the all-metal construction of the socket, we found its location in the extreme corner of the case very awkward.

The default mode shows smaller thumbnails of images, letting you step through images stored on the memory card very quickly. The letters “W” and “T” indicate the direction to press the lever to take the appropriate action. From left to right across the top are the viewfinder eyepiece, the power switch, and the toggle control for the zoom lens.

Digital Cameras – Kodak DC Digital Camera Review

Current prices make it a real bargain! Review Mode Review mode on the DC provides several options for viewing your pictures. This could sc215 very annoying to someone attempting to photograph their young children or anything that moves quickly. We strongly recommend rechargeable NiMH batteries for any digicam using AA cells though, as alkaline batteries generally can’t handle the power drain of digital cameras for very long.


Overall though Oodak think the average user is going to be quite happy with the pictures that the DC Zoom produces. Strobe flash auto, fill, red-eye, offrange up to 9. Great Digital Camera for the long haul and Easy to use!

Don’t think about it first timers! Templates become a permanent part of pictures taken in this mode.

Koodak to main content. Jump to the DC Zoom Specifications. The downside of the fixed-focus design is some softness in subjects shot at infinity, and a restricted macro focusing range.

Low-light performance is fairly modest, suited for use in average residential or office interiors, but probably not for outdoor photography after dark.

Steves Digicams – Kodak DC Zoom Digital Camera

This is certainly enough for framing shots, but the LCD menu items could be a bit sharper. Compression Fine Quality 22 8: Dv215 model does not have internal memory only CompactFlash I cardsbut a 4MB card is supplied with the camera. This allows you to immediately delete images you don’t want to keep, saving space on the memory card. The rear of the camera is where most of the controls are located.

Taking a “walk around the camera,” a front view shows the on-board flash, viewfinder window just above the lensthe lens itself, oodak several small openings for exposure and flash sensors and the self-timer alert LED.

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