Tripp Lite Find Similar. Large JPEG x pixels. Tripp Lite uses primary and third-party agencies to test its products for compliance with standards. Maintenance without Powering Down. Windows line monitor and data trace software included. Small JPEG x pixels. Add to List More

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Email Us Your Question. Serial adapter Form Factor: If the customer is using Cholesterol 1,2,3 software and they still receive the following error while trying to open the software:.

Browse products available under this program. Overview V V Show All. In the example below “COM2” is not in use and will be selected.

Click on the “Options” icon as circled in red below: Easy to upgrade with free software downloads. Power Strips Power Strips. Did you spot an error? Maintenance without Powering Down.

The included 3-foot detachable cable supports data transfer speeds up to Kbps – twice as fast as a built-in serial port. It works with switches, routers, modems, barcode scanners, GPS units, digital cameras, point-of-sale devices, lab equipment, network storage devices and other devices with a 9-pin serial port.


Keyspan High Speed USB to Serial Adapter (USAHS) | Tripp Lite

Email Us Your Question. Call us at 1 This adapter requires no external power and, at just 2 ounces, packs away easily in your laptop bag for use on the go. Connect devices with a 9-pin serial port, such as switches, routers, barcode scanners and network storage devices, to the USB Type-A port on your computer or laptop.

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USB C to Serial Adapter (DB9), Keyspan, High-Speed (M/M) | Tripp Lite

If you’re new to infrastructure planning, we’ll give you all the help you need. Large JPEG x pixels. No communications error should appear if properly configured. Please let us know how we can make this information more useful to you.

Maintenance without Powering Down.

Tripp Lite is a US-based manufacturer of solutions to power, connect, secure and sdapter equipment for IT environments. Tripp Lite is solely responsible for the support and warranty of its product. If you’re already an expert, we won’t waste your time.


USB-C to Serial Adapter (DB9) – Keyspan, High-Speed (M/M), Detachable Cable, TAA

Works with Windows up to 10 and Mac OS up to Call Us 1 Call us at 1 There is a new feature in Mac OS X The included three-foot detachable cable supports data transfer rates up to Kbps, which doubles the speed of built-in PC serial ports. An LED indicates data activity. The unit weighs just two ounces and is easy to carry in a pocket, purse, backpack or laptop bag for instant file transfers where needed.

If you’re new to infrastructure planning, we’ll give you all the help you need.

Linux, Microsoft Windows CE 3.

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