Operation controlling device and video processing system used therewith. Next, at step , the universal controller , e. System and method for transferring user-defined instructions between a home video game and an arcade video game. In this implementation, the cellular phones host device serves as a communication conduit for receiving data from the Internet as previously mentioned. The selection elements may be mapped to shortcuts to variety of functions, such as dialing and answering a call. For example, one or more communication-related applications can be called and executed to 1 identify the available communication protocol on the gaming devices and and ping gaming devices and ; 2 open a communication link; 3 determine system properties of the gaming devices and ; 4 identify the appropriate version of the selected data; 5 transmit the selected data; and 6 verify the transmission.

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What gamepad do you have? Model controller computer interface. A timer can be initiated to track the usage time and thus predict when the battery will need leadershi; or replacing.

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The input or selection elements of the side input assembly can also be implemented to effect shifting between modes. Alternatively the input signal may be interpreted by the leeadership on the input accelerator device Ata discovery request is sent out to discover all Bluetooth devices e.

By configuring the emulated Wiimote on Dolphin, using your own gamepad, you can use the gamepad in the way you like. A method, apparatus and system for interfacing with multiple gaming devices are disclosed.


A method performed by a hand-held controller, the method comprising: In yet another implementation, the auxiliary input accelerator device may be a remote garage door opener. At stepthe universal controllere.


The storage unit can store data related to the gaming experience of the gaming devices and The one gmaer more gaming devices are optionally queried to obtain system properties at In addition, user experience cannot easily be ported from one platform to another.

So, configure in this way: But I can’t help you much if you don’t mention what your gamepad is.

This site uses cookies. In other implementations, other sensors as described above may be utilized depending upon the user age and application categories to be covered.

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Like the standalone remote control implementation, these convergent input accelerator devices may communicate with the host device wirelessly through a Bluetooth protocol or wirelessly through a rough-line-of-sight infrared link.

Based on the obtained system properties of the one or more gaming devices, a proper format cibration desired data to be transferred to the one or more gaming devices are chosen at Play extension system and program for the same.

The input elements of the input assembly unit on the universal controller are selectively mapped to game functions related to the selected game application. Atinput functions associated with a gaming experience of the second gaming device are controlled using the universal leadreship The gaming processor interfaces with the communication channel to interface with the universal controller via the communication channel residing in the universal controller.

gzmer The method of claim 10, wherein controlling one or more input functions corresponding to a gaming experience of a remote-controlled toy comprises controlling one selected from a group of a remote-controlled car, a remote-controlled robot, and a remote controlled doll. R2, or L2 Important: Reconfigurable video game controller.

Configurable integrated circuit for use in a multi-function handheld device.

Universal controller for toys and games – Zeemote Technology Inc.

The universal controller can employ various techniques to interpret the data transmitted between the universal controller and the gaming devices and through the communication channels and In some implementations, the input functions of the second gaming device are controlled based on the transferred data related to the first gaming device.


The method of claim 10, wherein collecting the data related to the gaming experience of the first gaming device comprises collecting data on performance of the first gaming device. The input accelerator device may be a miniature standalone wireless accessory device that communicates with a variety of hand-held devices such as a cellular phone, PDA, pocket PC, smart phone, laptop, or other similar devices through a wired or wireless communications protocol, such as the Bluetooth wireless protocol.

The data collection unit is also designed to transfer to the second gaming device the gaming experience of the first gaming device to affect the gaming experience of the second gaming device.

Mapping the functions leadeership the user input elements of the input assembly unit can be accomplished using the mapping techniques as described with reference to FIGS. Next, atthe collected data is received.

For example, the data related to the gaming experience of the remote controlled slot car can be transferred to the PC racing game Leadershjp implementation of multiple shift or indexing input elements as described above can dramatically improve the comfort, accuracy and speed of text entry for a variety of host hand-held device users.

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