Popmatters is wholly independently owned and operated. So tell us how it feels to be back on the road as Swervedriver. We managed to not miss any shows on that tour. Has that been reflected in the demographic of the audiences at your shows? None of them were recorded. They ultimately decided to keep going until the end of the year, honoring their touring commitments, and then according to Franklin, “take a bit of a time out These incidents would prove to be just a precursor to the group’s album woes, however.

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Franklin has swervedrive r fairly prolific during Swervedriver’s hiatus, releasing three full-length albums swervedrive r a solo artist under the Toshack Highway moniker and his own name. Anyway, Jez had gone off with some friends and it was me, Steve, and Jimmy in the dressing room, and for the first time, we discussed that maybe we had gone as far as we could go with Swervedriver.

Franklin may find it difficult to listen to the album because it reminds him of the agonizing process of committing the songs to tape, but the good news is that none of that wretched experience comes through on record. And now, like over here, there are channels. So much great music at that time, definitely.

Well kind of but I never actually swervedgiver a car, sort of like Brian Wilson never having surfed or whatever laughter. How are you deciding what to put in the set? What are your observations on the soundtrack of today versus the soundtrack of the s? Mick’s an old buddy from back in the day.

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Rider by Jez Hindmarsh

We’re still playing a lot of the same songs to a lot of the same people. We drove past Stroud earlier. How do you differentiate between the two when writing? Matthew Stubbs marked it as to-read Feb 08, That song sort of defines a change in the way we’re uez. We are at the Fillmore speaking with Adam Franklin of Swervedriver.

Juggernaut Still Rides: Behind the Scenes and Times of Swervedriver

I think actually scoring something could be fun. I think there are plenty less fortunate. The current line up of the band has not changed since. Swervedriver then embarked on a proper headlining tour of North America with American indie rock act Poster Children opening. Learn more about Amazon Prime.

This time we decided to go to a few more places. As long as we can get together for a week to rehearse before a tour there shouldn’t really be a problem. The album, titled I Wasn’t Born to Lose Youeventually got pushed back to sweevedriver release date of early March and was preceded by second single “Setting Sun.

He gave me some of his herbal tea which helped my voice massively. Rowlf the Dog and the seven singer-so Swervedriver Mezcal Head Label: All music can sound great in all kinds of situations. In addition to being burned out from the rest of their tour, the band members were growing tired of the encompassing drug scene at their studio space and had entertained selling Bad Earth Studio to Ash before the building lease ran out on them.


At the end of the original bass player, Adi Vines, left unceremoniously to join another band. He’s worked with some legendary guitarists. Sometimes you have to play a certain chord or use a certain pedal, it forces you to move a certain way and that reminds you of some of the shapes you threw on stage ten years ago.

In terms of performing as a band, was it like putting on an old pair of jeans? It really worked for us in terms of raising our adrenalin for the new album. I remember some of our best shows being at Tunbridge Wells Forum, which was the archetypal toilet venue. No one really seems to know for sure, including the band members themselves. Retrieved 19 July

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