It is important that the developer of the firmware in the hardware tool follows the API and name the functions exactly as in the J description. We cringe at having to rely on the dealership or a mo bile programmer to perform whatever programming needs to take place. For using a J device, other than a Tech2, like an ease, vetronix, drew tech, mongoose, etc. The most common protocol is CAN, but there are other protocols. If ECU Reprogramming is practiced in the dealership, then it is the responsibility of each OEM to maintain and update their own sites, and keep current applications available for download.

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Vehicle diagnostics, key programming and key learning software

Treat them with great care. Enhancing your Pass-Thru experience with Autologic Remote Control Our Assist Pass-Thru expert technicians walk you through the process using vehicles in your repair shop.

Since the PC application should not have to care about which communication protocol is being used between the PC and the hardware tool. We psssthru provide you with that information.

And the processor must naturally be fast enough to process all messages so that no messages are lost. The connection between the PC and the J hardware device is up to the manufacturer of the tool, but USB is probably the most common. It is important that this application conform to the functions in the J API. If you encounter issues during programming, never turn the ignition off: This makes it difficult for a car, bus or truck workshop to analyze and repair all kind of vehicles.


If an OEM cannot retroactively implement the J pass-through reprogramming solution with or without special cables, they must make available to equipment and tool companies any information needed to develop aftermarket equivalents of their OEM-specific reprogramming hardware and software.

Assist Pass-Thru Information to help you set-up your shop. J pass-thru reprogramming is only required for emissions based ECUs eg.

J FAQs | Bosch Diagnostics

Introduction J is a concept that enables flash programming of an emission related ECU regardless of the communication protocol that is used by the ECU. The maximum source current is mA and the settling time should be within 1ms. How do you know for sure that they programmed the computer? Yes, J reprogramming application software typically does not incorporate diagnostic Scan Tool functions that must be utilized to perform post-reprogramming tasks such as clear DTCs or re-learn procedures.

Older vehicles without CAN can take anywhere from 15 to 60 minutes. Every DrewTech J product includes a comprehensive support program called the J Toolbox 3 paesthru offers our users the following: We stood by for years without having to worry about computers in cars. If you own a SAE J Pass-Thru device, you can re-flash pqssthru, in some cases, diagnose vehicles with factory functionality. It supports most of vehicle communication protocols and can be used Some scan tools that connect to the internet also offer programming capabilities.


J Other Diagnostic Service Tools | eBay

This is a low-cost, high-performance vehicle network interface that connect Powertrain, Engine, Transmission, Throttle Controller and is mandatory on all vehicles from model year and forward. Passthu and Benefits Ethernet serial Learn how your comment data is processed. Performs the standard PassThru J functionality. In-car software is becoming one of the leading needs for service, and updating software may be the only way to fix some of these issues: Before any messages can be sent an initialization has to be made, PassThruIoctl, where parameters like node address, baud rate or protocol specific parameters are set.

Exclusive free phone support from J specialists Exclusive proprietary. The ECUs are often connected onto a communication bus to be able to share data between each other.

Now you have the power to control your programming needs. PassThruDisconnect Terminate a connection with a protocol channel. Our products and services enable this without the need for separate, expensive OE tools for each brand. SAE J compliant pass-thru vehicle interface.

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