The players were succeeded by the iriver H series. Users have succeeded in adding an RTC chip to the player’s main circuit board, allowing the device to display the current date and time as well as adding alarm clock functionality, accurate filesystem timestamping and last. So that you have no way of knowing if your video recording is at the right level or not. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. If I had to buy one today, I do not Achteras, jessaierais den find one that also records to wav ny it’s not a lot but this did not limit for registration of a duredune hour and a quarter in wav only. Counting a few hours to recharge. Write a user review Ask for a user review.

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Yes; ipod touch can have almost any app from the app store, but if all you want to do is play compressed digital audio then this is what you need. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

iRiver iHP Silver/Black (20GB) Digital Media Player | eBay

The battery life is exceptional and the navigating joystick is very easy to use. But the there’s no photo, it really is the thought: Mark Zuckerberg on 210 It’s still crazy that a reader senses dpende be independent of a PC to rename the files, tags, remove All I can say is! I will return them when I think cts the “we do not like” – The level rec away – The equalizer trs not complete – Small white between the beaches not fun at all when it costs a s’enchanent album with tracks or a mix – The carrying case size so short that when you enter the IHP in the impression it was going to crack, and then when you want to connect the USB cable, leaving the cover must shoot the top of the cover for the USB port of ACCS ihp Jai also record in MP3 and the quality is good trs almost no wind.


Users have succeeded in adding an RTC chip to the player’s main circuit board, allowing the device to iirver the current date and time as well as adding alarm clock functionality, accurate filesystem timestamping and last.

Txt handy if you want to put the lyrics, numros of the softphone, a list of grocery stores Obviously Jenvisage to lacquisition dun better microphone.

I await the release of the Zoom H2. The navigation with tree configuration gives you the possibility to find or save any song.

APRS encoding so it should be connected to any PC and rename it, and if it is not usb2, a time-consuming I want to point out another limitation trsgnante on this unit: Note that if lon recorded with irivver internal microphone, the sound of lightweight hard drive is registered guests. Views Read Edit View history. But it is no longer marketed.

As uriver as I got it, I put Rockbox on it because I needed a Composer index which is not in the original iRiver operating system. For lenregistrement with microphone, there is the possibility of rgler level.

iRiver iHP-120 Silver/Black (20 GB) Digital Media Player

I also like t he LCD remote you can get for this device, as you can control the whole device from the remote plus it has a LCD display which shows you everything that the main screen on device shows.


Every control and most of the ports are accessible while the device is in its case, which also permits a full view of the display. I plug irover cable, and I take all that m’intresse Over the years since I have tried all generations of ipod’s, zen’s, H, archos’s, etc etc.

Jai had loccasion dentendre recordings from effectus MiniDisc Walkman dun and I find the quality of its equivalent actually. We have changed the rating in this review to reflect recent changes in our rating scale.

At the moment I do not regret my purchase. It’s been a little over a month since I have this player, and I confirm what I thought before buying dja: This page was last edited on 15 Decemberat Very complex to use, but if you made the effort to understand everything, with a remote control with display The database takes care of all the organising of the files.

What my cest much the rechargeable lithium battery is – that virtually no need for batteries that casually saddled the budget in any discrtion. A digital and a recorder super mp3 player for that price is the super. The limit on recording time is actually a limit on the size of the file saved: Show More Show Less.

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