It doesn’t lose its place when you shut it off or when the battery wears out after about 40 hours. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. Clipping the player onto the waist of my running shorts, it seemed very secure. Watch our Tech Videos. There is also a USB 2.

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The software has been changed from the original version.

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There is also a USB 2. When I turn on the player and the main screen comes up, I push the knob in and it shows where I left off — I can push the knob in again to resume play. Not that I am a podcaster, but I am a beginner. Feb 14, at 7: Great for audio recording great units for recording with external mics. The armband is a wide strip of elastic with velcro and a plastic clip. Yes, my password is: Great for talk radio podcasts This is the best mp3 player for listening to talk radio podcasts.

As with any miniature electronic device, continued frequent usage may disrupt the physical attributes of this iFP 1GB MP3 player from iriver. Share This Page Tweet.

And since my commute is by car I don’t feel I get enough use out of it to hold on to it any longer. Can you put that mp3 back online or email it to me? Store up to 1GB of music, songs, on it to listen to songs for every moment life throws at you, whether working out at ifp-8999 gym or working to the bone at the office.


MP3 players that plug directly into USG ports are often cheap and annoying. It seems fantastically good value with an amazing range of features and is a very cool looking and feeling device. The device runs on a single AA battery and gives about 40 hours of play. All together, a flash player is the ideal for anyone who uses their MP3 device actively, especially for any exercise.

The sound quality is amazing and the battery life almost unbelievable. The headphones SQ is quite good. I replaced the headphones with jriver higher quality pair with ear clips as the supplied basic style always fall out of my ears or feel as if they are going to.

Store and transfer your music in any format, and record music onto the device without the use of a computer.

iRiver iFP-899 Manuals

The iRiver also comes with a cable for line-in recording, which can double as a line-out to stereos that support this. The only mark ifp899 it is this scrape on the battery door.


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Both the tuner and the recording feature work very well and the tuner has excellent reception for me, anyway. Not original The software has been changed from the original version. Check my feedback and feel free to ask any questions.

I am looking for a unit that will do good voice recording of one or a group. It just keeps reverting to the same starting track.

I would prefer to sell the iRiver and Elecoms together but I will seperate them if there are no takers for the package probably by the end of the weekend. I mean that in the most positive sense you can imagine. Show More Show Less.

I especially like the metalic red finish and fip-899 cool selection of accesories that come as standard. Thanks much for this unique review. Find More Mobile Devices Articles. I have one teensy weensy caveat.

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