Authentication The Authentication instructs the Data Provider which authentication method and options to use when connecting to the DB2 database. Security type Description Program Data Provider sends both a username and a password. Adding a file data source is slightly different from adding user or system data sources. COBOL is a programming language. Why can’t I connect to the License Daemon?

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List of ODBC drivers and vendors

The system or any user with privileges can use a data source set up with a system DSN. This optional attribute accepts a string value of up to 8 characters. Could you please explain to which system and which database you want to connect. We recommend that you use a security authentication method that includes strong data encryption, such as SSL V3.

ODBC Data Source Administrator

The default value is false. Give each data source a name that uniquely identifies that data source.

User and system data sources are collectively known as machine data sources because they are local to a computer. This required attribute accepts a string value in the form of an Affiliate application.

On the Start menu, click Control Panel. If you want to intercative with ODBC you have to take care you have installed an 64bit driver. COBOL is a programming language.


Easysoft ODBC-ISAM Driver Knowledge Base Articles

In Control Panel, click Administrative Tools. I do not know if there are also JDBC driver, if you have notice about this The main difference between the two environment are: Modifying data sources Depending on your requirements, you might find it necessary to reconfigure data sources. Or can it to be other elements to evaluate or unteractive

interactivr Applications – UniData Why do I get error “libodbc. What are the different methods for obtaining a license? All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic.

The following table describes host authentication method values. It is possible to add multiple data sources, each one associating a driver with some data you want to access by using that driver. Defer Prepare The Defer Prepare instructs the Data provider to combine the parameter prepare with command execute, to reduce the number of network flows and improve performance inyeractive parameterized commands.

File DSNs odcb file-based intetactive that can be shared among all users who have the same drivers installed and therefore have access to the database. This optional attribute accepts an integer value. File data sources are stored in C: This required attribute accepts a string value of up to 60 characters. Can I have the licenses file on an NFS share referenced by multiple machines?


The Options instruct the Data Provider which advanced options to use when connecting to the DB2 database.

Why have I not yet had a reply to the email I sent to autolicense easysoft. The default value is RUW. The default value is Server.

ODBC Data Source Administrator – Host Integration Server | Microsoft Docs

None Data Provider sends no security information username or password. Imteractive access by ODBC there are some. Why do I get a license error stating the application was unable to create a semaphore when attempting to connect an ODBC compliant application to my Easysoft application? The following table lists the DB2 database platform and accepted string values.

When I try to create the connection it fails with the message Connection failed.

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