When used with the Intel Core i7 , the second QPI is usually unused though, in principle, the second X58 might be daisy-chained on the board. People could get boards and not know that they have been damaged and thats where they think the board sucks, not knowing its a faulty board. Maybe there’s some way to trick linux into just trying to do it. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Don’t be an asshole. Just use 1 drive for the array and go straight to the VM setup.

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I am running a Slackware kernel I rolled on 1, and have Unraid on the other. Upon boot the initialization gets stuck at “loading initial ramdisk” and libux not get unstuck. Just use 1 drive for the array and go straight to the VM setup.

That is, devices that have been hidden from dom0 by pciback.

In this article we are talking specifically about the Intel P55 and its Linux compatibility with regard to the Intel DP55KG motherboard while in the next article we have Ubuntu Linux benchmarks using an Intel Core i5 and Core i7 This system Itel has enabled interrupt remapping on a chipset that contains an erratum making that feature unstable.


I then read this and this. I wonder if it’s even possible to get this to work with my motherboard now I am looking to get the same board, so your feedback is greatly welcome. I then went to Amazon and purchased an Xwhich does. The output of the lspci command may be useful when selecting PCI functions to hide.

There’s a great list of introductory links here – thanks to SCSweeps. I have almost same equip but with nvidia card. The arguments to pciback. The passthrough tends to piss off the host occasionally, requiring a reboot.

This seems to be an issue with northbridge stepping B3, and was apparently fixed in stepping C2 I have B3: I don’t intend to overclock at all for now: BDFNotation and optionaly the chipseet virtual slot. Any distro, any platform! Major thanks, esp for confirming actual passthrough. Might be able to find things useful for a lab.

The device may have been attached using boot-time VT-d device pass-through or VT-d device hot-plug. With the motherboard and i I first installed ESXi 6. Before posting please read the wiki, there is always content being added and it could save you a lot of time and hassle.

This morning Intel has introduced their new mainstream desktop chipset, the Intel P55, and has brought forth the Core i5 processor family along with new Core i7 processors for use with this new chipset and socket.


Intel X58 – Wikipedia

This is a common thing people with X58 motherboards are doing these days. Except for the lack of a memory interface, the X58 is similar to the traditional northbridge: Feel like helping out your intl labber? Want to add to the discussion? Please flair your posts when posting. Setting identity map for device This method can be used both when pciback is statically compiled into the dom0 kernel and when it has been compiled as a module.

IntelĀ® Chipset Software and Drivers

A bit of an update. It will help solve all my graphic cards options though. There are tons of IOMMU compatibility hacks on every hypervisor because the rollout of the tech has kind of felt like a ten-year-long rolling beta with thousands of vendors and tens of thousands of quirks.

I need help to understand how to modify in order to Install Ubuntu that i’ve appreciated so much with my old PC.

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