The first two I didn’t have to do anything to make them work. Se la directory non funziona, fare riferimento alla documentazione relativa alla distribuzione. I need to know exactly what the problem is. I tried installing drivers several times but nothing changed. I think it’s not the firmware fault. Firmware has old API version, expected v5, got v1.

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For now wifi is more stable and have only one traffic stop without disconnecting.

ubuntu – Wireless problem with Intel WiFi Link – Unix & Linux Stack Exchange

Flow control is off for Wlfi and off for RX [ Il dispositivo wireless richiede che il firmware funzioni. Glad your Intel wlan card is working now.

Supporto l’uso dei driver solo nella versione del kernel di cui faceva parte il conducente. Right on Intel’s website is their chart of what wlan cards they are going to support on W10 and the is not supported for 8.

Thank You most kindly for your swift and iwfi reply. Message 8 of Yeah, I’m the same way too Per installare il firmware: Changing the wireless card would be extremely problematic as you are limited to just the cards listed in the service manual and half the time the ones listed in the manual cause the notebook not to intell up until the card is removed.


You will see complain in dmesg but anyway it works:. Thank you GAD3R for your answer, every command completed without throwing errors but nothing changes.

Also same hardware but no linj. Don’t give up just yet. Did it work correctly with the iwlwifi Unfortunately, having tried various tweaks as you suggested above, i cannot get the to work.

Supporto per Linux * per schede wireless IntelĀ®

Unfortunately, the WIN 10 upgrade experience ‘out there’ has been bumpy on many fronts Ask Ubuntu works best with JavaScript enabled. But, what is intep is that now the wifi works. So that lets you know that no one is committed to fixing the bugs.

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[SOLVED] Intel WiFi Link AGN – Wifi problem after upgrade to

The once obsolete intel wifi link inttel recognizing and interacting with the network. Something has to work. I simply don’t get it. Maximum nullfunc tx tries before disconnecting reason 4. 50000 build-essential and linux-headers then download and compile the driver: That seems a bit strange to me as well as the fact that the iwlwifiucode I have used 3Dchip and 3Dnet to try to locate various updated drivers and WIN 10 tries to hijack that towards another commercial i.


Se desideri una risposta, contatta il Supporto. In order to correct the situation I downloaded the iwlwifiucode Hopefully either you or I or some other lost soul can stumble upon the needle in the haystack here? Message 10 of The solution was to change the settings in “advanced” tab of the device manager. Apprezziamo ogni tipo di feedback, ma non possiamo rispondere o fornire supporto sui prodotti. Yes, but that doesn’t necessarily mean much.

I have 3 HP business notebooks

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