Comment 11 Andriy Gapon In the watchdog daemon source code we can see that the log message we recieved above was from here:. And if the Intel Watch Dog hardware is integrated with Linux, just mention that it is integrated, and provide a simple test scenario, with results. Comment 7 Andriy Gapon The point of this page is to provide simple instructions to test whether the watchdog works. This is a computer translation of the original content. We are not interested in a “Software Watchdog” which requires that the kernel be “alive” in-order for the Watchdog to timeout, and restart the system.

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As you are aware, there is no documentation about Joule’s Watchdog aside from the one document you shared above. If booting through UEFIthe screen should appear as shown on right. If you are interested, this is what Linux does for that bit: Instructions from Linux itself: We generally assume that the computer boots following the UEFI protocol although indications will be given on how to perform the test with a traditional BIOS.

Comment 12 Andriy Gapon Comment 1 Konstantin Belousov If so, could you please let us know how to replicate it?


Intel TCO Watchdog Timer Messages

The prompt will not return do not press control – c nor control – dsimply wait. Please report a success to me. Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page.

Please enter a title.

Comment 18 Andriy Gapon No hard disk drives are required. A watchdog service is designed to fco a running system — on a regular interval if the system is healthy the service will reset a hardware counter by sending a keepalive message. Is there special watch dog hardware?

The PCI devices are found by their slot and function defined in the datasheets as siblings of the upstream LPC bridge. This will cause the watchdog to start counting down. We can confirm that our answer is valid for Ostro, if you’d like to test this on Ubuntu, you will have to get in contact with Canonical. Also, I did not try to handle the case where the watchdog resources are not configured by the hardware as well as the case where ACPI defined operational region conflicts with the watchdog resources.

Hardware watchdog

Or is this already in? Alternatively, you can comment out the two lines in the file and reboot. If you wish to check the integrity of the file ubuntu I did not received the advise about co-existence of drivers.


We checked the input you provided us and analyzed it. So, in order to test it, I looked how to intentionally create a kernel panic I found how in http: My test system did not have either of those problem, so, again, I decided to leave those cases until later. If all three appear, the watchdog was correctly detected.

Mon Oct 22 So, if you would like to use this feature, I suggest you to try with Linux’s standard libraries. What is needed is the high level functionality of the Watch Dog hardware, and any associated API capability for configuration and control. The no-reboot bit was not set on my test hardware, so I decided to leave its handling for the later time.

None of these commands will produce any output.

When the watchdog daemon detects that the onboard temperature watchdg above the threshold, it tries a clean shutdown. Press the e key while the menu item Try Ubuntu without installing is selected —.

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