If your IT guys are being major dicks and really won’t help you with this: Applications can be moved from one display to another, or can be on more than one display simultaneously. Click to download the latest one. Another thing you can try is to click on hardware drivers. I am using Do you think the laptop has nVidia graphics internally?

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Safari Chrome Chipeet Firefox. The internal display just needs the basic stuff with “intel” driver. That sounds very much like an external USB display adapter.

Frequently Asked Questions about Multiple Displays for Older IntelĀ® Graphics Products

Okay, found a thread saying it will not work for me with this monitor. There is support for some USB displays.

Multiple display devices on a single system allows for a number of possible configuration options. This seems a minor issue, I can come back to.

You will need a video card. If not, then I suggest moving to an alternative Ubuntu based OS. I have this exptess commented out. Did this bit work okay?? Dual-Pipe Panning allows a high-resolution display on a larger screen, while viewing a zoomed-in version on a smaller screen.


Bus Device Standard Windows applications use the GDI Graphics Device Interface and can clip the window to each display accelerating the images separately using the display hardware.

Then again, if it’s a typical splitter, the above are right – that’s all it will do. VGA splitters will only clone the output to multiple monitors.

Support for Graphics Drivers for IntelĀ® Q35 Express Chipset

For whatever reason, it does not detect both monitors in the display options. Display options can also be chosen from wxpress Desktop. The view on the smaller screen is tied to mouse cursor movement. Another possible configuration sends the same content to different displays to give a presentation to a large audience.

Once you’ve got one or the other of those hardware options working, here’s how to self-support. It’s this docking station: If you’re seeing both monitors listed in the video properties then that’s probably exprexs case. DL chip limited to pixel modes [ VGA compatible cbipset product: While in the zoomed-in area of the smaller screen, the cursor acts as normal.


I have “Applications” and “Places” to the left, and a drop down on the right, including “System Settings”. Check if xorg complains about missing monitor section for the USB displaylink.

[SOLVED] Having 2 monitors [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums

Okay, I think I kind of did things in the wrong order. Match the proportions of your monitor with the proportions of the rectangle representing that monitor in the Display Properties diagram when you’re choosing the Screen Resolution – otherwise things will end up looking squished or streched out.

Or you’re a dick express that’s why they won’t help you. The device is likely a USB hub with a collection of sub devices. I don’t q5 an ubuntu logo at the top. I, and many others, have had similar problems. I’m at a loss.

Don’t know if there is support.

I believe you need two video outputs on your video card.

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