Mobile Computer Repairs Dec 10, at I saw the hp logo so I knew we were in business. Your advices sound nice but I didn’t feel confortable to use them and don’t sound like a profetional solution. The Thread is 2 years old! You saved me a lot of time and frustration. Find out if the adapter outputs correct voltage. On the other hand I own a repair shop where I deal with video game systems and laptops day in and day out.

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Your comments on the situation please.

To remove to cable from the motherboard, I just pulled it. I didn’t touched the laptop for like 8 months, and when I tried to test it again, it would do things: Is it possible that there is a wire loose.

Test the laptop with each module individually.

Except now instead of restarting over and over it just sits there and the power light starts to blink. Make sure both cables shown in the step 9 are connected to the motherboard. U really solved a big problem for me too. A while ago I took apart my DV as per your instructions. No disc spinning, no fan sound. Any suggestions on what it could be and how to fix it.


No result, drive still doesnt appear. My left mouse paviillion collapsed so I had to by the palm rest. P I do not see them on the pictures either. This was suppose to be solved with new motherboard. Still nothing happens when pressing the power button.

HP Pavilion dv6700 Notebook PC video card upgrade.

There are no new motherboards out there, they all refurbished. Everything went well and i resolved my problem bent loose power connector housing on Pavilion dv Use a pair of needle nose pliers to hold the hex nuts from unscrewing, for retrieving the screws for remounting the wifi card. Any good dealers to buy the parts from? Yesterday I followed all the steps to clean the fan, but when I finish to ensamble everiting the laptop doesnt give any signal, just turns on and the fan runs, but not beep, not bios and not video.

Bideo blanket method is not a permanent fix. If that means not activating the video camera that is okay. In responding to their Tech Support, it seems definite that pavullion is a problem with the NVidia chip set Now to my question. If there is no problem with the graphics chip, the laptop should show the external image.


The inverter board mounted under the LCD screen.

Mine is cracked and needs to be replaced. Therefore if anybody got the yp screen problem after repairing in this way, please do post to the thread.

HP Pavilion dv Notebook PC video card upgrade.-Discussion – Newegg Community

When I put it all back together and turned it on, pvaillion display would not power up…and the system seems to be powering up but all processing stops withing the viveo 3 seconds as the hard disk light stops blinking. If the weird colors only show up from time to time odds are it is not the screen but the video card. Test after each step. Report Respond to mehmet24a. And yes I took out CPU from the socket.

Upgradability with Graphics: HP dv | NotebookReview

I was also facing the same problem. The cooling fan runs full speed trying to cool down the heat sink. Any suggestions on what I Should Look at fixing is therwe a fuse on the motherboard?

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